July 2, 2019

America The Beautiful, by Katherine Lee Bates, with Old Glory herself dancing and Remy playing.

Going to start this month’s newsletter with this stunning photo taken by Jeanie White. It almost looks photoshopped, doesn’t it? We were up in the library’s 3rd floor Sunflower Room, which put us about level with the flag outside. This photo just gets your heart fluttering like the flag, don’t it.

We had a typical (smaller) summer turn-out, with about 15 attendees. It made for a nice relaxed meeting, with plenty of time for extra activities. One of which was a bunch of birthdays on or around this meeting date. Ron Labrecque, a frequent visitor of ours, turned 92. Floyd hit 90, our buddy Pete in Ft. Collins turned 60. Finally, Rick turned 70, but he wanted to do it quietly, so don’t tell him I told you about it.

‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken’, by Ada R. Gabershon, was probably the best group song we’ve ever done. Steve had an intro for us, and Bill took a lick on his steel pedal. Lots of harmonizing with everybody ending at the same time; it was about as good as it gets. Thanks Rich for bringing that tune!

Mike Clark drove up from Ft. Collins and did an outstanding job (as usual) with his tunes. He even sang one, which was a first.

Mike with his debut cover of Jack White’s ‘ We Are Gonna Be Friends’.

Just before the meeting, I got a message from Joshua Phillips. He is returning to Denver for work, so he won’t be joining us in the future. He was only with us for six months or so, but his tunes were a breath of fresh air. Let’s hope he finds a group to brighten up down in Brighton.

Playlist for July 2019

Ron Labrecque, ‘Happy Birthday to You’, sung by da group.

Rich Ryan, ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by George Harrison

Rich got to giggling so hard he forgot which fingers went where.

R. Memmel, J. White, N. McKenzie, K. Blaney, ‘Stand By Me’, by Ben E. King

Jeanie White, ‘Desperado’, by The Eagles

Keith Blaney, ‘Karaoke Queen’, original

Ken Frederick, ‘April Daze’, original

Ken working the neck

Earl Janack, ‘You Can’t Unring a Bell’, original

Bill Bailey, ‘The Choir’, by George Strait

Edith Cook, Remy Abeyta, ‘Sentimental Journey’, by Les Brown

Remy Abeyta, ‘Sleep Walk’, by Santo & Johnny Farina

Mike Clark, ‘Blackbird’, by Lennon/McCartney

Gary shredding on his four string

Gary Krause, ‘Leaves’, an original tune

Steve Gilmore, ‘A Hole in the Day’, by Leo Kottke

Group, ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken’, by Ada R. Labershon.

Jeanie, Rick, Nancy, and Keith, ‘Jolene’, by Dolly Parton

Birthday boys Ron in background and Rick playing bass

Nancy and Keith, ‘Rock Salt and Nails’, by Utah Phillips

Ken Frederick, ‘Scorpius 300’, an original tune

Earl Janack, ‘Going Through What I Went Through’, original

Earl. My name is Earl. Earl I say!

Bill Bailey, ‘Time of the Season’, the Zombies

Remy Abeyta, ‘America the Beautiful’, by Katherine Lee Bates

Mike Clark, ‘Wicked Game’, by Chris Isaacs

Steve Gilmore, ‘Last Great Waltz’, by Mason Williams

The Man in Black herself, Jeanie White.

Jeanie White, ‘Ring of Fire’, by Johnny Cash

Keith Blaney, ‘My Road’, an original tune

Bill and Rich, ‘Cowboy Rides Away’, by George Strait

Remy Abeyta, ‘Colonel Bogey’, (from Bridge Over the River Kwai), by F.J. Ricketts

Mike Clark, ‘We Are Gonna Be Friends’, by The White Stripes