April 2024 Meeting

Guitar is trying to lay down for a nap, but Steve won’t let it rest

As most of you know by now, I just sprinkle in a wee bit of truth into these naratives for flavor. But like a short order cook, I don’t go too crazy with that spice. This month will be worse than normal, as I wasn’t at the meeting. Suffice it to say, if I were Pinocchio, they could see my nose growing from the Space Shuttle this month.

Fiddle? or Violin?

A big Cheyoming Geetar Sosighity welcome to Sulaiman and Jill Zai, who drove up from Parker to join us. Sulaiman, from Afganistan met Jill, from Australia, in Indiana where they both worked at Indiana University at their school of music. Which begs the question, does Jill play violin or fiddle? IU’s Jacob School of Music is renowned, so I’d guess it’s a violin. But then, Bean Blossom is just a few miles down the pike, so maybe it’s a fiddle. Only way to be sure; did anyone notice if it had strings? or straaaaannnggsss? Regardless, it was great to have them and hear their wonderful music. If you’d like to hear more, they are having a recital April 29th, 7pm, at the United Methodist Church in Boulder.

Remy about to be gobbled up by the garbage can

Always good to see and hear Remy. He had a great story to share from boot camp days. Just before inspection, his shaving cream went off in his foot locker, earning him a week of washing windows. Ah, sweet memories…

This is what happens when you hold a banjo up to the sun

Playlist for April 2024

Gary Krause, ‘Nine Times Blue’, Michael Nesmith

Steve Gilmore, ‘Pray For Rain’, John Lowell

Rich Ryan, ‘From the Beginning’, Greg Lake

Sulaiman Zai, ‘The Hawk’, original

Remy Abeyta, ‘Someday Soon’, Moe Bandy

Fat Nancy and Mandy

Nancy McKenzie, ‘Amazing Grace’, John Newton

Gary, ‘Arms of Mary’, Everly Brothers

Steve, ‘Last Steam Engine Train’, Sam McGhee

Rich disagreeing with his guitar

Rich, ‘We Just Disagree’, Dave Mason

Sulaiman, ‘Solea Flamenco’, improv.

Sulaiman & Jill, ‘Addio’, original

With his headphones on, Remy couldn’t hear the garbage can sneaking up on him

Remy, ‘Who’s Sorry Now’, Connie Frances

Nancy, ‘Old Joe Clark’, U.S. folk song

Gary, ‘Smile a Little Smile’, Tony Macaulay & Jeff Stephens

Steve, ‘The Orange Room’, Leo Kottke

Rich, ‘Blues Etude’, Keb Mo

Sulaiman with guitar in Time Out; it missed a note.

Remy, ‘Stardust’, Hoagy Carmichael

Nancy, ‘Sally Goodin’, old time fiddle tune

Gary, ‘Coming Home’, original

Sulaiman, ‘Greensleeves’ traditional English folk song

Unsure of what Gary’s playing, Steve’s a little fuzzy.

When I go to accept my Pulitzer Prize for Literature for this, I’ll thank Nancy for keeping the notes, Rich, Nancy, and Remy for photos, and Bill Greener for the total eclipse pic. And Jill & Sulaiman, we hope you’ll make the drive and join us again!