March 2019 meeting

Be forewarned! I intend to lie more than usual in this episode of the CGS newsletter. So get out your hip boots and B.S. detectors, you’re going to need them.

Twenty stalwarts attended our March gathering in the library’s Sunflower Room. Christine Cousins was back after a long absence. She was competing in the Great American Baking Show & Chili Shoot-Out in Branson, MO. Her chili cheese cake muffins were a crowd favorite.

Christine’s giant pick was really a tortilla chip with red dye #4

Bill Bailey brought an instrument we haven’t seen him drag out in awhile, a tri-cone resonator guitar (commonly referred to as a National guitar). It’s like calling a tissue a Kleenex; Bill assured us this instrument was not made by National OR Kleenex, though he could not tell us exactly who made it.

Bill’s guitar sounded like a 1920’s radio program

Steve Gilmore will be on a working vacation next month, his band High Plains Tradition will be working the pubs and alleys in Ireland for a few weeks. Meanwhile, his son Martin will make a trip up to Cheyenne with his trio on the 29th of March, for a free concert at the Laramie County Library. Martin’s been writing some new songs lately and he’s pretty good at it. When I’m sure about the time of the show, I’ll ping you all again with the details.

Joe Larsen in the foreground; that’s our 6’5″ leprechaun Steve strumming his six string.

Group song was an impromptu version of the Eagles ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’. It went so-so, which is pretty good given the circumstances.

One last tidbit before we move on to the playlist. Here’s an absolutely stunning picture of Bob Seger at a recent concert here along the front range. He’s waving and saying thank you to one of our mandolin players who wishes to remain anonymous. I don’t know if she sat in for a song or opened for Bob or what, but she managed to snap this picture on stage just before he came over and gave her a big hug.

Photo by Nancy McKenzie. What a shot!

Playlist for March 2019

Keith Blaney, ‘Harvest Moon’ by Neil Young

Joe Larsen, ‘Balalaika Tune’ original

Steve Gilmore, ‘Standing on the Outside’ by Leo Kottke

Earl Janack, ‘It’s Us Bein’ We’, original

Ernie Brazzale, ‘This Masquerade’, by Leon Russell

Bill Bailey, ‘Coney Island Cakewalk’, unknown

Ken working that neck, surrounded by fans, as usual.

Ken Frederick, ‘Super Moon’, original

Nancy McKenzie, ‘Will You Walk With Me’, Anne & Pete Sibley

Christine Cousins, ‘Emerald Clover’, original

Ed Heffern, ‘Shake Sugaree’, Elizabeth Cotten, arranged by Rhiannon Giddens.

Ed doin’ some fine finger pickin’.

Rich Ryan, ‘The Wind Cries Mary’, by Jimi Hendrix

Marvin Frerich, ‘Jamaican Farewell’ traditional

Joshua Phillips, ‘Fire Away’, by Chris Stapleton

Joshua’s guitar knows more songs than I do.

David Norby, ‘You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive’, by Darrell Scott

Keith Blaney, ‘Country Road’, by James Taylor

Joe Larsen, ‘Kalinka’, by someone in Russia

Group, ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ by Doug Frye

Earl playing another smash hit original tune

Earl Janack, ‘Amalgamated Conglomeration Inc.’ original.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘And the Ewe’, by Horn E. Ram. That is not what he played, but it is what he wrote.

Bill Bailey, ‘Stagger Lee’, by Mississippi John Hurt

Ken Frederick, ‘Cancion De Pasta Primavera’, original

Marvin Frerich, ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’, by Bob Dylan

Marvin blowin’ some wind of his own

Ed Heffern, ‘Lemon Tree’, by Peter, Paul, and Mary

Rich Ryan, ‘Can’t Find My Way Home,’ by Steve Winwood.

Nancy McKenzie, ‘Back to the Cross’, gospel traditional

Christine Cousins, ‘Smooth’, by Santana featuring Rob Thomas.

Joshua Phillips, ‘Interstate Love Song’, by Stone Temple Pilots

David Norby, ‘It’s Too Late’, by Carole King