March 2024 Meeting

We kept Rob from running off by supergluing his shoes together.

T’was but a wee group of Irish lads and lasses for our meeting this month, held on the 5th of March at the library. Well, not everyone was Irish, but you can tell by the playlist we were getting ready for the day that everyone is…

Welcome to Rob Fogelson. We played a rotten trick on him, and made him start us off. We’ll have to see if he comes back again. Rob is new to Cheyenne, and a great addition I might add.

Leah came back, toting a guitar this time instead of a viola. Anybody have an extra guitar case out there? I think she needs a dreadnaught size case for that Fender of hers; gives us all the heebie jeebies for that critter to be so exposed.

You can tell, they’re singing the same song!!!

Welcome back Linda Norby! Always a treat to hear her sing, along with making David better looking to boot. They really make a great duet for David’s unusual tunes. Not unusual in a bad way, just ones we haven’t heard in awhile…

All my normal photographers were missing in action this month; thank goodness Leah was there to help me out. Next month we hope to be back at full strength.

Playlist for March 2024

Rob Fogelsong/Steve Gilmore, ‘Don’t Think Twice’, Bob Dylan, Jerry Reed arrangement.

That’s one happy banjo plucker, our friend Ed.

Ed Heffern, ‘Star of the County Down’, traditional.

Keith Blaney, ‘Seymore & Irmagard’, original.

Linda & David Norby, ‘Crossroads’, Don McLean.

Working through some small person issues with his soprano ukelele.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Colleen Malone’, Pete Gobles.

Roger Stearns, ‘When You Plant Your Fields’, New Grass Revival.

Rob, ‘The Claw’, Jerry Reed.

Ed, ‘Molly Malone’, traditional.

Leah played us one on this go-round, right after this commercial message.

Leah Bratton, ‘Take a Stick of Bamboo’, Peter Paul & Mary.

Keith, ‘My Road’, original.

Linda & David, ‘Keep Your Heart Young’, Brandi Carlise.

Steve, ‘Dress Rehearsal’, Judy Adams.

The hat’s Irish, not sure about the rest of the ensemble

Roger, ‘Seminole Wind’, Jon Anderson.

Rob, ‘Here, There, and Everywhere’, The Beatles.

Ed, ‘Whiskey In The Jar’, traditional.

Keith, ‘Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder?’, George L. Geifer.

Can anyone give David a ride home? Linda took the car.

David, ‘Listen People’, Herman’s Hermits.

Steve, ‘Bricks’, Mike Cross.

Roger, ‘Bob Wills is Still the King’, Waylon Jennings.

Rob, ‘Little Wing’, Jimi Hendrix.