June 2023 meeting

Welcome to Abby Cook. Much better behaved than Rich Ryan, I might add.

You all know this, but occasionally I am compelled to remind you anyway. What you read here is NOT THE TRUTH. Well, that’s not exactly true, either. I try to be as accurate as possible with the play list, because that’s what happened. But the rest of it, not so much. You all can handle the truth, without a doubt, but I try not to let the truth mess up a good story. So let the lieing begin!!!

It’s a pretty good crowd for a Saturday!

We had visitors from all four corners of the compass this month. Paul came down from Wheatland, Steve came up from Greeley, Edith (and Abby) came over from Saratoga. Patrick Norby came all the way up from Florida, just to play with us! Our longest distance traveler this month was Steve Gilmore, from Ireland. Welcome to Sal Dabella! Hope you’ll join us again soon.

David, from rainy WYO, and Patrick from sunny FLA

We had great duets from all around the room. The Norby’s above, Keith and Nancy, and Roger and Steve. Quite an assortment of original tunes were also offered up. Wonderful classical performances as well. We got to enjoy some world class talent, and cookies from Edith, for free. Doesn’t get much better than that!

The secret to Steve’s success. Pretty sure I could play as well with socks like that.

Our friend, Marvelous Marvin Frerich, passed away mid May. We took a moment to remember our friend. He was born in 1939 in Clear Lake, Minnesota, amongst 7 brothers and sisters. He taught math and science in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Colorado, and managed to earn two masters degrees while working. He ended up teaching in Ghana, West Africa, during his stint with the Peace Corps. Then did remodeling and construction when he returned to Colorado, building two different homes for his family.

Marvin had just knocked off the Wells Fargo stage coach, during his road agent days.

Dementia finally took him, but we always enjoyed his company and sweet personality. During the last couple years, Marvin played ‘Jamaican Farewell’ for the ‘first time in over 20 years’, every time he came to the meeting. So we all played along, helped out with chords, and were richer for it. We are diminished.

Steve, not so close up as last shot.

Steve Waechter is hosting a house concert down in Greeley next Sunday evening, June 18th. Alfredo Muro from Peru will be the guest artist. Concert will start at 7pm at 277 N 60th Ave. Greeley, CO. If you would like more info, I can resend you the blurb. Then, if you are interested in attending, give me a ping and I will forward your RSVP to Steve.

Playlist for June 2023

Halfway through his song, the stack of chairs completed their stalk and ate Paul whole.

Paul Robertson, ‘Evocacia’, José Luis Merlin.

Chris AlmaJose, ‘A Brighter Touch of Haze’, original.

David & Patrick Norby, ‘Postcards From Paraguay’, Mark Knopfler.

Steve Waechter, ‘Cowboy Movie Medley’, Webster/Tioken/Evans.

Look up ‘Determination’ in the dictionary and this is the picture.

Edith Cook, ‘Minuet in C’, Fernando Sor.

Keith Blaney, ‘The Cape’, Guy Clark.

Ed Heffern, ‘Don Quixote’, Gordon Lightfoot.

Steve Gilmore, ‘An Irish Song’, Ed McCurdy.

Roger had Steve play along. Luckily it was one of the two songs Steve knows.

Roger Stearns, ‘Sing Me Back Home’, Merle Haggard.

Ken Frederick, ‘No Name Yet’ (if I just leave it blank, you can’t see it), original.

Rich Ryan, ‘Tears In Heaven’, Eric Clapton.

Here’s Marvin without his bank robber’s disguise

Group Song, ‘Jamaica Farewell’, Carribean folk tune.

Paul Robertson, ‘Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring’, J.S. Bach.

Chris AlmaJose, ‘Rock and Roll All Night’, KISS.

This is how to play KISS with your tongue retracted

David & Patrick Norby, ‘Take It Easy’, Jackson Browne/ The Eagles.

Steve Waechter, ‘Birthday Tassel Tango’, original.

My nose is ready for its close-up, Mr. DeVille

Nancy McKenzie & Keith Blaney, ‘John Ryan’s Polka/Tell Me Ma’, Irish folk tunes.

Keith Blaney, ‘Empty Saddlebags’, original.

Look how happy Ed is, once we told him what those knobs were for.

Ed Heffern, ‘Crucified’, original.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Banua’, Dave Guard.

Roger Stearns, ‘I Used To Love Her’, Rolling Stones.

Ken Frederick, ‘Happy Birthday to Me’, original.

South End Boyz; Ken, Rich, Sal, Paul, and Chris.

Rich Ryan, ‘Leader of the Band’, Dan Fogelberg.

Paul Robertson, ‘Corcovado’, Antonia Carlos Jobim.

Chris Alma Jose, ‘In Your Eyes’, Peter Gabriel.

Picture of Steve’s new hat. Oh, and Ed, the guy with no hat.

Steve Waechter, ‘Prayer Song For Creusa’, original.

Edith Cook, ‘Renaissance’, anonymous.

More Stuff

Guests this month included Abby Cook, Kristie AlmaJose, Sal Dabella, and Remy Abeyta.

Photo credits this month Rich Ryan, Remy Abeyta, and Nancy McKenzie.

In July, the first Tuesday falls on the 4th. We’ll meet on the 5th instead.

Edith, your cookies were delicious. Thank you.