August 2021 meeting and Picnic!

We got together August 3rd at Ernie and Melinda’s place for some burgers, brats, and tunes. It was thrown together quickly, so we were unsure just how many folks would show up. Turn-out was 15 or so (more than 10 and I kept my shoes on, so I’m just guessin’…)

Steve was going to cover Rich’s face but wasn’t quick enough.

Mother Nature crashed the party, raining steadily almost all day and night. Luckily Melinda and Ernie had cleared some space in the garage, and most of us were able to retreat indoors. Everyone but Steve, that is; he had duty on the grill outside. However, he claimed he’s been rained on before and it didn’t have a permanent effect on him, so we abandoned him out there until the cooking chore was done. And a fine job he did, too! The food was delicious, thanks to Steve and all the people that brought side dishes.

Ken got the award for furthest distance traveled. On foot. He lives 3 doors down from Brazzale’s.

It was good to see Pete from Fort Collins. I wrote a song that prominently features Pete, so decided to play it for him. When it got to the part in the song that mentions him, I forgot the words and mumbled through most of it. Anyone that writes songs will tell you IT’S NOT FAIR. You have to learn the song, same as any other. You’d think it would be automatic! I doubt anyone noticed, except maybe me and Pete. Sorry, Pete.

Pete playing one of his funny chords.

Since we weren’t going to get kicked out at 8:45, we took some time for stories and extra laps around the circle. Edith needed to hit the road, so we started with the group song. Russ, on his third go-round, sang one for us, ‘On The Coast of Marceille’, by Jimmy Buffet. Always a treat when Russ sings.

Ernie and Edith by the pump organ. Ernie rebuilds these things.

August 2021 Playlist

Group Song, ‘Don’t Pass Me By’, Ringo Starr.

Edith Cook, ‘Si lo M’Accordio, scribble.

Russ Williams, ‘Recuerdo de la Alhambre’, Tarrega.

Ken Frederick, ‘Labor Day’, original.

Pete Piotrowski, ‘Couldn’t Get It Right’, Climax Blues Band.

First time we’ve seen Rick with a ukulele. I think.

Ernie Brazzale/Rick Memmel, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, Isreal Kamakawiwo arrangement.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Oh Mona’, Bob Wills.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Misty’, Stokely Carmichael.

Justin Johnson, ‘Goodbye Carolina’, Marcus King.

We talked about all the other Justin Johnson’s we know out there, but not this one.

Keith Blaney, ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’, Randy Neuman.

Rich Ryan, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, Beatles.

Russ Williams, ‘Cavatina’, Stanley Da….scribble.

Ken Frederick, ‘Looking Out at Longs Peak’, original.

Ernie B., ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’, J.S. Bach.

Justin Johnson, ‘The Boxer’, Simon & Garfunkel.

Joke time! Russ, Ken, Rick, Justin, Ernie, and Pete.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Marvelous Toy’, Tom Paxton.

Keith, ‘A Little Help From My Friends’, Ringo Starr.

Rich, ‘Drift Away’, Dobie Gray.

Pete Piotrowski, ‘Joker’, Steve Miller.

I don’t think this is the one Russ sang. The shoes aren’t right.

Russ Williams, ‘On the Coast of Marseille’, Jimmy Buffet.

Ken Frederick, ‘July Rain/October Snow’, original.

Ernie B., ‘Minnie the Moocher’, Gab Calloway.

Steve, Keith, Ron, Barb, Edith, Russ, Ken, and Pete in the hat (so you know which way the names fit) Oh, and 75% of Rick, tucked in behind Pete there.

Justin Johnson, ‘Wave on Wave’, Pat Green.

Keith, ‘Karaoke Queen’, original.

Rich Ryan, ‘Me & Julio Down by the School Yard’, Paul Simon.

Also joining us this month were Ron Labrecque, Barb Williams, and our hostess with the mostest, Melinda Brazzale. Photos by Melinda and Rich Ryan.