September 2021 meeting

with a strap on his guitar and a guitar on his strap, here’s our friend Remy.

Can’t say I had much enthusiasm for the Sept. 7th meeting at the library. I’m glad I dragged my lazy (self) to the library, though. It turned out to be a very entertaining session. One of the smiles was a new guy; welcome to Jordan Evans! He also showed up to the library for the August meeting, but we pimped him out and went to Ernie and Melinda’s instead, and had ourselves a picnic in the rain. Jordan caught up to us this month though.

Jordan sat by the door, just to make sure we didn’t sneak by him again. Steve brought a 12 string, Rick brought a group song, two of our classical players sang for us. So lots of points of interest.

A brief aside: The Flat Earth Society claims members from all over the globe. Their words, not mine. I think there is scientific evidence that the Earth, is not in fact, flat. If it were, cats would have knocked everything over the edge by now.

The group song, Neil Young’s ‘Down By the River’ went about as well as usual (not that great). Apologies all around, tho’ none required.

Ernie doing Billy Holiday. Looks just like her, huh?

Ernie brought a new song, and it was stunning. Most of us youngsters recognize it as a Blood, Sweat, and Tears tune, but they stole it from Billy Holiday. ‘God Bless The Child’ by Holiday and Arthur Herzog.

The classic contingency, Edith, Russ, and Roland.

Playlist for September 2021

Russ Williams started us with ‘Homage to Villa Lobos’, Carlos Fonseca.

Roland Peterson, ‘Suite #2’, Leo Brouwer.

Ken Frederick, ‘It’s Over’, original.

Keith Blaney, ‘Dream A Little Dream’, Andre/Kahn.

look at those hands; just a blur I tell ya

Rich Ryan (pictured), ‘Carolina In My Mind’, James Taylor.

David Norby, ‘I Say A Little Prayer’, Burt Bacharach & Hal David.

Steve Gilmore, ‘The Driving of The Year Nail’, Leo Kottke.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘God Bless The Child’, Billy Holiday/Arthur Herzog.

Jordan Evans, ‘I Remember Everything’, John Prine.

Remy Abeyta, ‘Moonglow/Picnic’ medley, Morris Stolloff.

Edith brought us a medley

Edith Cook, three short pieces, misc. authors.

Russ Williams, ‘Try to Remember’, Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones.

Roland Peterson, ‘My Sweet Wyoming Home’, Bill Staines.

Here’s Roland with the B’s knees. I think that’s a B he’s playing…

Keith Blaney, ‘As Time Goes By’, Herman Hupfeld.

Rick Memmel brought the group song, ‘Down By The River’, Neil Young.

Ken Frederick, ‘Here Comes The Sun’, George Harrison.

Sing along now, ‘Do do do do’…

Rich Ryan, ‘Baby Blue’, Badfinger.

David Norby, ‘Early Morning Rain’ Gordan Lightfoot.

David taking a short break from his chair rental business

Ernie Brazzale, ‘You Belong To Me’, Price, King & Stewart.

Jordan Evans, ‘Sink, Florida, Sink’, Against Me!

Remy Abeyta, ‘Sweet Dreams’, Don Gibson.

Edith Cook, ‘Lagrina’, Francisco Tarrega.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Last Steam Engine Train’, Kirk McGee.

All those extra strings didn’t seem to cause Steve much trouble

Photo credits to Rich Ryan, and a couple fuzzy ones by yours truly.