May 2023 meeting

Our fearless leader with a 12 string, almost in tune even.

We had a REALLY small turnout for our May meeting. I always think, oh, this is going to be grim. I am, however, always wrong. No one prepares more than a couple songs (if that) and we can make 4 or 5 ‘laps’ around the room. So it’s mostly impromptu, very relaxed, and usually just a ton of fun.

Our guest Tom, already giving Rich the stink eye. (He caught on fast)

Welcome to our guest, Tom Parkins. I think he took us up on our invitation from the concert last week. We had another guest, Joey The Drummer, who disappeared before I thought to take his picture. I’m sure we’ll see him again.

Ah, the concert, held on April 27th. Raphaël Feuillâtre won the Guitar Foundation of America’s classical guitar contest a couple years ago, and this was his last stop on his American tour of 36 concerts in about 50 days. This was open to the public, free, in the library’s Cottonwood Room, in conjunction with our Guitar Society and the LCCC foundation.

Rafaël, mesmerizing the crowd.

The weather this night was absolutely dreadful, but still we managed to fill about 120 seats or so. The other ‘fly in the ointment’ was we were unable to tap any of our usual sources for sound reinforcement equipment. Rick recently moved to Podunk, Delaware (the state capitol), Steve was goofing off with High Plains Tradition in Ireland somewhere, and Nancy was at a gig of her own. I think this turned out to be a blessing in disguise; the acoustics of the Cottonwood Room are very good, when you use it like you’re supposed to. When Rafaël moved into quieter passages, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was involved, listening to every nuance of his performance. I believe that some of that magic would have been lost, had it been amplified.

This poor young man from France was homesick and ready to go home, after bouncing back and forth across America for nearly two months. He had a flight out at 3am the same evening. You would never have guessed this from his stunning performance, it was quite magical.

Playlist for May 2023

Shoeless Joe, singin’ a Shoeless Carole song

Keith Blaney, ‘You’ve Got a Friend’, Carole King.

Paul Robertson, ‘LaCatedral Sandede’, Barrios.

David Norby, ‘Life is a Highway’, Tom Cochrane.

Rich Ryan, ‘Part of the Plan’, Dan Fogelberg.

Our friendly giant, Gary, who makes that guitar look really small…

Gary Krause, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’, Johny Cash.

Nancy McKenzie, ‘Taking a Pass’, original.

Keith Blaney, ‘Love Potion #9’, Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller (the Searchers).

Paul Robertson, ‘Torija’, Terroba.

Paul with his fancy Swiss Army footrest/case/tip jar gizmo.

David Norby, ‘Plastic Jesus’, Ed Rush/George Cromarty.

Rich Ryan, ‘Sugar Mountain’, Neil Young.

Gary Krause, ‘The Wonder of You’, Elvis Presley.

Nancy McKenzie, ‘Red Haired Boy/Margaret’s Waltz, traditional.

Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down!

Keith Blaney, ‘A Little Help From My Friends’, Ringo Starr.

Paul Robertson, ‘Amazing Grace’, John Newton.

David Norby, ‘Don’t Worry Baby’, Brian Wilson (B.J. Thomas version)

David with his Swiss Army music stand/chair.

Rich Ryan, ‘These Days’, Dan Fogelberg.

Keith Blaney, ‘Shower the People’, James Taylor.

Paul Robertson, ‘Be Thou My Vision’, Forgaill.

Whatever they’re looking at, it looks serious.

Gary Krause & Nancy McKenzie, ‘Jackson’, Johny Cash.

Paul Robertson, ‘Squares Suspended’, Andrew York.

David’s Group Song, ‘Early Morning Rain’, Gordon Lightfoot.

Keith’s Group Song, ‘Mr. Bojangles’, Jerry Jeff Walker.

Rich’s Group Song, ‘Kodachrome’, Paul Simon.

Photo credits this month: all Rich Ryan, and really good’ns too I might add. Except the one of him, I think I took that.