November 2019 meeting

Gee, Steve, what chord is that you’re playing?

It was cozy in the Willow Room for our November meeting, with all 23 chairs occupied. Then there was Rich here, lounging on the floor.

Rich had a chair but preferred the floor. Funny guy.

Welcome to Brady Lyles, who brought some blues to the party.

Brady brings da blues

I think this month I’ll just let the pictures do most of the talking.

Gary got us started with his tenor ukulele.

Next month, we’ll be in the Cottonwood Room, and we have something special loosely planned. We’d like you all to bring a Christmas song or two, and if you’re willing, a plate of goodies. The Cottonwood Room has plenty of space and extra chairs, so we would also like for you to invite all your friends and family to join us for our holiday celebration.

Playlist for November 2019

Gary Krause covered a Mick Jagger/Keith Richards tune, ‘As Tears Go By’.

Ed Heffern, ‘Autumn Leaves’, by Johny Mercer

Ed posted the lyrics on the thermostat behind him. Glasses adjusted accordingly.

Edith Cook, ‘Se Yo M’Accorgo’, anonymous

Russ Williams, ‘Etude from Musique De Salon’ by Iznaola

Justin Johnson, ‘Love Like This’, Ben Rector

Justin’s stolen music on a borrowed music stand

Ernie Brazzale, ‘St. James Jump’, traditional

Rich Ryan, ‘Past the Point of Rescue’, Hal Ketchum

Keith Blaney, ‘Mystic Highway’, John Foggarty

Jeanie with fan club, Rick and Bob

Jeanie White, ‘In the Wind’, original

Rick Memmel, Jeanie White, and Keith Blaney, ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain’, John Foggarty (CCR)

Marvin Frerich, our Peace Corp Troubadour

Marvin Frerich, ‘Jamaican Farewell’, traditional

Earl Janack, ‘An Unfinished Chord Progression in the Key of D’, original

Earl shocked us; we kept waiting for the singing to start!

Brady Lyles, ‘Blues In ‘A’, original

Steve Gilmore, ‘Gospel Plow’, traditional American Spiritual

Steve can play this in his sleep; this shot was taken just before he fell out of his chair. Didn’t stop playing though…

Remy Abeyta, ‘Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues’, Danny O’Keefe

Ken Frederick, ‘420?’, original

David Norby, ‘You Don’t Have to Cry’, Steven Stills (CSN)

David fighting bravely through the Pixie Dust affecting that side of the room.

Gary Krause, ‘Song Sung Blue’, Neil Diamond

Ed Heffern, ‘I’ll Never Find Another You’, the Seekers

Edith Cook and Russ Williams, ‘Autumn’, Alfonso Montes

‘Autumn’, well played by Edith and Russ

Justin Johnson, ‘Hey Ya/Heartless’, Andre 3000/Kanye West, arranged by Justin

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’, George Gershwin

Oh, we’re watching all right, you betcha.

Jeanie White, ‘Welcome to My World’, Ray Winkler

Keith, Rick, and Jeanie, ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’, Woodie Guthrie

One evening as the sun went down, Keith forgot the rest of the words.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Dorothy is Harlem Bound’, unknown

Remy Abeyta, ‘I Started a Joke’, the BeeGees

Remy making it look easy

Ken Frederick, ‘New Song (that) Needs More Practice, original/ author unknown…

Brady Lyles, ‘More Blues for You’s’, original

Earl Janack, ‘I Do It Because It Has To Be Done, Not Because You Don’t Do It’, original

Rich Ryan, ‘Time In a Bottle’, Jim Croce

Edith Cook, ‘Rondo, Frederic Noad

Also attending; Gary Gorny, Bill Bailey, Bob Fontaine, and Floyd Turner.