March 2023 Meeting

Chris tearing up his original tune, ‘Wy O ming’.

We had a good crowd for our March 7th meeting at the Cottonwood Room. Welcome to Chris Almajose. Chris played a couple original tunes and did an excellent job, both singing and picking. Not easy in this crowd, just ask anyone. Welcome!

Only Earthling I know hooked directly to StarNet, with these custom top-mount optics and Satellite Comm Link.

Long time no see for Ernie Brazzale and Jordan Evans. Good to have you back. Lots of pictures this month, from Rich, Remy and Nancy. Let the goofy captions begin!

Remy’s stories just keep getting better all the time, so I’ll share one with you. Remy was telling us of his long standing gig, playing Little Bear Inn with his friend Charlie Padilla. ‘When we played there, we’d have them lining up at the door. Yup! They would all be trying to get out at the same time.’

Remy with one of his Telly’s. The other is a TeleCASTER…

While there were only a short dozen of us, we stopped after two trips around the room, which left us a little time after the meeting for some socializing before the library gave us the heave-ho, which was a pleasant change of pace.

Two big dog song writers, both marking the same territory.

Playlist for March 2023

Nancy McKenzie & Keith Blaney, ‘John Ryan’s Polka/Tell Me Ma’, traditional Irish tune/Sham- rock.

Chris Almajose, ‘Wy O ming’, original.

Jordan Evans, ‘War Inside of Me’, Lost Dog Street Band.

PRETTY sure Jordan is awake here.

Ken Frederick, ‘And You Don’t See Me Cryin’, original.

Ed Heffern, ‘Comes a Time’, Neil Young.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Minnie the Moocher’, Callaway, Mills, Gaskill.

Remy Abeyta, ‘I Still Can’t Say Goodbye’, Chet Atkins.

That paper with dancing ants must be important; Russ is staring intently with his tongue out (off camera)

Russ Williams, ‘Walzer’, Nikita Kaskin.

Roland Peterson, ‘Treasures Untold’, Jimmie Rodgers.

Rich Ryan, ‘Rocky Mountain High’, John Denver.

Group Song, ‘Country Road’, John Denver. Thanks Rich!

Needs a shave and a haircut, but we heard he just got released from the Witless Protection Program.

Keith & Nancy, ‘Galway Girl’, Steve Earl.

Chris AlmaJose, ‘Tonight, Tomorrow & Forever’, original.

Jordan Evans, ‘A Moment’s Rest’, The Devil Makes Three.

Ken Frederick, ‘Tonight I’ll Never Let You Go’, original (1992)

Our rockhound wrote a wonderful original tune, ‘Beach of Pebbles’.

Ed Heffern, ‘Beach of Pebbles’, original.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Sleepy Time Down South’, Rene’ Brothers.

Remy Abeyta, ‘Wildwood Flower’, Mother Maybelle Carter.

Russ Williams, ‘Allegretto’, Fernando Sor

Roland sang TWO for us tonight!

Roland Peterson, ‘Jealous Heart’, Jenny Lou Carson.

Rich Ryan, ‘Sister Golden Hair’, America.

My apologies to Chris, who needs a swoop over his eeee’s but I dunno how to make that happen.