March 2021 meeting

Another Zoom meeting was in order for our March meeting. Welcome to Mark Allen, a.k.a. Snapper. In fact, that’s all I knew him by for years! The first time someone called him Mark, I didn’t know who they were talking about. Also, welcome to Richard (Dick) Blaney, who rode his keyboard all the way from Kingsport, Tennessee to join us. Good to see you brother!

The tiny eagle is the picture Mark sent us. Dick is in the tile below Rich Ryan. Keep an eye on Ed’s wardrobe correction.

You’ll notice some green, some clovers, and other March madness. Quite a few of us had Irish flavored tunes. Another offering by Rich was ‘Covid 19’, a parody to the Neil Diamond tune ‘Sweet Caroline’. We were all singing along ‘so bad, so bad, so bad’. Good job, Rich. Washing hands ,washing hands, don’t touch me, I won’t touch you’….

Nancy and I worked up a tune my dad used to sing, ‘Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder?’ It got Richard grinning, and I think I saw him singing along on the chorus. As a final thought, I added another song Dad sang to us, ‘Fifty Cents’.

With the warmer weather and more folks getting their Covid vaccinations, we might be able to start meeting face to face soon. Hey, it could happen! It might be outside, it might be in a gym or something. Thanks to Melinda Brazzale for hosting us all these months on her Zoom account, with a little luck we will leave you alone soon!

Here, Ed is highlighted, and is playing in his guitar playing shirt. Rick appears to be on fire.

Playlist for March 2021

Gary Krause started us out with ‘The Shores of Avalon’, by The Seekers.

Rich Ryan, ‘Covid 19’, an original parody of ‘Sweet Caroline’, Neil Diamond.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Blue Shadows’, 1928, Alter & White.

Nancy McKenzie & Keith Blaney, ‘John Ryan’s Polka/I’ll Tell Me Ma’, traditional.

Ben & Margene Zavorka, ‘San Antonio Rose’, Bob Wills.

Ken Frederick, ‘Cellphone Upgrade Blues’, original.

Edith Cook, ‘Se lo M’Accorgo’, anonymous from Renaissance.

Ed Heffern, ‘Sailing to Philadelphia’, Mark Knoffler.

Rich Ryan, ‘Christopher Robin’, Kenny Loggins.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Hidden Blues’, Rick Doherty.

Keith Blaney & Nancy McKenzie, ‘Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder?’, 1898, George Giefer.

Margene & Ben Zavorka, ‘Kilgary Mountain’ (Whisky in the Jar), traditional.

Ken Frederick, ‘You Are Driving Me Crazy’, (1993) original.

Edith Cook, ‘Rondo in A major’, Carcassi.

Ed Heffern, ‘Wild Rover’, Irish folksong.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Unnamed Melody’, anonymous.

Keith Blaney, ‘Fifty Cents’, anonymous.

Also joining us were Dick Blaney, Rick Memmel, and Mark Allen.

February 2021 Meeting

Back to Zoom for this month’s meeting. We started with about nine folks, but then as the evening progressed we kept adding people. We eventually got up to our usually virtual dozen (or so) Welcome to Steve Borin, who popped up later in the program. Some other notes; happy birthday to Edith Cook, and Russ William’s niece Clara, who decorated all his electronic devices for the occasion.

Here’s Martin, playing one tune after another while we just enjoyed the show.

Some of the folks are able to add backgrounds to their image. Rich started out in jail, where he met Trump’s advisors. They were having a pretty good time, until he broke out of jail and joined the Village People. Before long, like Otis on The Andy Griffith Show, he was back in jail, where he sang Lyndsey Buckingham’s ‘Never Going Back Again’.

Toward the end of the evening Martin Gilmore joined us. Martin is a very talented singer/songwriter with a new bluegrass album just released, the ‘Martin Gilmore Trio’. I suggest you get yourself a copy, you will enjoy it. It will also help support a fantastic musician in these challenging days for live performance. We made him play and sing a bunch of tunes, as you will see from the playlist.

Rich about to be devoured by his pet mountain lion; the rest of us look pretty safe.

Playlist February 2021

Keith Blaney & Nancy McKenzie, ‘Rockin’ With the Rhythm of the Rain’, Brent Maher and Don Schlitz.

Rich Ryan, ‘When I’m 64’, Paul McCartney.

Russ Williams, ‘Reverdos de La Ellambra’, Francisco Terrega.

Edith Cook, ‘Etude in B Minor’, Fernando Sor.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’, George & Ira Gershwin.

Ed Heffern, ‘Rocky Top’, Boudileux Bryant.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Midnight on the Water’, traditional fiddle tune.

Rick Memmel, ‘It’s Only Love’, Lennon/McCartney

Keith Blaney, ‘I Will’, Lennon/McCartney

Rich Ryan, ‘Never Going Back Again’, Lyndsay Buckingham.

Russ Williams, ‘Somewhere’, Reri Grist.

Edith Cook, ‘Lagrima’, Francisco Terrega.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Minnie the Moocher’, Cab Calloway.

Ed Heffern, ‘Memphis’, Chuck Berry

Steve Gilmore, ‘Kickin’ Mule’ or ‘Wish That Gal Was Mine’, Leroy Mack.

Rick Memmel (et al), ‘Happy Birthday’, to Edith Cook.

Martin Gilmore, ‘Christina’, original.

Martin Gilmore, ‘Babylon’s Fallen’, old Christian folksong.

Nancy McKenzie & Keith Blaney, ‘I Can See Clearly Now’, Johny Nash.

Rich Ryan, ‘Blackbird’, Paul McCartney.

Edith Cook, ‘Lagrima’ (reprise), Fransisco Terrega.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Fly Me To The Moon’, Bart Howard.

Ed Heffern, ‘Lonesome Stretch of Highway’, Mike Plume.

Martin Gilmore, ‘Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor’, Johnie Horton.

Martin Gilmore, ‘Hi Jolly, Haji Ali’, original.

Martin Gilmore, ‘I’ve Got the Blues’, original.

Also guest appearances by Melinda Brazzale (our host) and Carol Fischer.

January 2021 meeting

HELLO 2021! Good bye, and good riddance to 2020! Our first meeting of the year was once again, on Zoom, thanks to Melinda Brazzale. She was on another meeting at the same time, so couldn’t join us, but we do appreciate her putting up with us on the 5th.

Group photo of screen shot of Zoom meeting. But not this Zoom meeting.

Hmm, that’s not right… let’s see if anyone is actually paying attention.

We had twelve participants for the year’s first gathering. Zoom is funny; some folks are quite adept at it, while others struggle just to get and stay on. The sound quality leaves a lot to be desired; that is, until Justin showed up and sounded very good. There goes MY alibi…. Nancy and I were informed, after the meeting, that we were cutting out like crazy, so hopefully some audio interface equipment will eliminate some of that.

The right screen shot. Rick is on fire, while Steve must be in his belly boat.

Ed and Rich both played holiday music. What holiday? I’m glad you asked! Ed explained this was the 12th Day of Christmas, known as Epiphany. Excuse me for a moment while I go check my facts… OK, January 6th is technically correct, but given that we meet but once a month that’s close enough. We Three Kings Came to the Water on a Silent Night, with key changes.

Now for a bit of remote housekeeping. We decided to just keep the same officers and board for this year. Covid vaccinations are starting to roll out, so let’s hope there are only a few more months before we can all safely meet again in person. Remember dues are due; you can make your check for $25 out to Cheyenne Guitar Society and send it to:

Steve Gilmore. 1831 Newton Dr. Cheyenne, WY. 82001

Playlist for January 2021

Ben & Margene Zavorka, ‘Hallelujah, I’m Ready’ by Ricky Scaggs.

Nancy McKenzie & Keith Blaney, ‘Red Haired Boy/Margaret’s Waltz’, traditional Irish tune/ Pat Shaw.

Justin Johnson, ‘Backbone’, Kalaya.

Ken Frederick, ‘Bouree’, J. S. Bach.

Russ Williams, ‘Soledad’, Osvaldo Montes.

Rich Ryan, ‘As Tears Go By’, Rolling Stones.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Song Birds’, Leo Kottke.

Ed Heffern, ‘We Three Kings’, John Hopkins.

Ben & Margene Zavorka, ‘Rhythm of the Rain’, The Cascades.

Nancy McKenzie & Keith Blaney, ‘Long Time Gone’, Darrell Scott

Ken Frederick, ‘Minuet’, J. S. Bach.

Russ Williams, ‘Etude #8’, Julio Regondi.

Rich Ryan, ‘Silent Night’, Franz Gruber.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Twilight Time’, music the Three Suns, lyrics Buck Ram.

Justin Johnson, ‘Don’t Know Why’, Nora Jones.

Ed Heffern, ‘Come Weal, Come Woe’, John Foley.

Ken Frederick, ‘Holiday #19’, original.

Russ Williams, ‘Carousel’, some dead guy.

Also joining us were Rick Memmel and Ernie’s I-pad. That last playlist entry is rather insensitive, but I gotta say you guys really have given me a run for my money by not saying the song titles and authors, or saying them but once at warp speed. I can look up most of it on the internet but I’d appreciate it if I didn’t have to… just sayin’.

December 2020 meeting

From the ever popular tune “Even Squeeky Fromm Loves Christmas,” I’d like to borrow a line. ‘Though there’s not much left of her mind, her memories are festive.’ Squeaky, you are not alone…

Melinda Brazzale once again hosted us on Zoom, while the Covid pandemic ravages the country. She changed some settings, and the sound quality was noticeably better this month. Thanks Melinda!

Here’s all the photos this month, a screen shot of most everybody in attendance.

There are some things that can be counted on with our Zoom meetings. Some folks are good with the technology, adding interesting backgrounds and such, while others struggle just to get on line. For instance, Rick started out on a glacier somewhere, then moved to the warmer climate of Florence, Italy. Some folks can sit very still, while others seem to have ants in their pants. Usually, the information provided is very thin; thank goodness for the internet and Wikipedia for filling in the gaps.

One of the Zoom ‘perks’ is Rich Ryan’s cue cards. After someone completes a tune, Rich will hold up a card. ‘Rock Star’, ‘Did you write that?’ and ‘You Sleighed It!’ were a few of his Christmas cue card comments.

The Rock Star of the evening, I think, was Russ Williams playing and singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’. He only sings about once a year for us, and it’s always a treat. The chords he can play while singing at the same time is mind boggling; for him it is easy compared to the classical pieces he can put together. Speaking of which, he spit out the name and composer of his first piece so fast (and only once) I didn’t even get close. When I tried looking it up later; I was directed to the Hyundai website… You’ll have to ask Russ what he played; I don’t have time, I’m shopping for Hyundai’s now.

We ended on what has become a Christmas CGS tradition, Robert Earl Keene’s “Merry Christmas From the Family”. I could almost hear you all singing along!

Even Izabel knew the words to our last song.

It was a fun meeting! And did much to boost our holiday spirits in these (socially) difficult times. Here’s hoping you and yours have a happy and healthy holiday!

December 2020 Playlist

Keith Blaney & Nancy McKenzie started off with ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,’ a traditional English carol.

Roland Peterson, ‘Opus 133’, Mauro Juliani.

Gary Krause, ‘Coventry Carol’, 16th century English carol.

Rich Ryan, ‘Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring’, J.S. Bach (1723)

Ken Frederick, ‘Dust in the Wind’, Kansas.

Steve Gilmore, ‘What Child is This’, (Greensleeves) traditional tune with lyrics by William Chatterton Dix.

Ed Heffern, ‘The Skye Boat Song’, Sir Harold Bolton added lyrics to the Scottish air collected by Anne Campbelle MacLeod.

Edith Cook, ‘Etude in B minor’, Fernando Sor.

Russ Williams, ‘Recardos es Elandra’, buy a Hyundai.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Quarantine’, parody of ‘Misty’.

Rick Memmel, ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’, on bass.

Nancy & Keith, ‘Silver Bells’, Ray Evans & Jay Livingston.

Roland Peterson, ‘Study in A minor’, Juliani.

Gary Krause, ‘Angels’, original.

Rich Ryan, ‘Sweet Baby James’, James Taylor.

Ken Frederick, ‘Kissing in the Rain’, original.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Mary’s Boy Child’, Carribean tune.

Ed Heffern, ‘Oh Come Oh Come Emanuel’, 13th century Christian hymn.

Edith Cook, ‘Minuet in C’, Fernando Sor.

Russ Williams, ‘Auld Lang Syne’, Robert Burns poem set to traditional folk song.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Fly Me to the Moon’, Bart Howard.

Keith & Nancy, ‘Go Tell It on the Mountain’, African-American spiritual.

Gary Krause, ‘It’s Christmas’, original.

Ken Frederick, ‘Oh So Beautiful’ (wedding song), original.

Keith Blaney, ‘Merry Christmas from the Family’, Robert Earl Keene.

November 2020 meeting

With a spike in Covid cases, nearly one million nationwide and over 3000 here in Wyoming this week, we decided it would be best to move this meeting back online. Thanks to Melinda Brazzale, once again, for hosting us on her Zoom account. We tried for something more music friendly called jamkazam, but were unable to jump through all the hoops in time for tonight’s meeting.

The best screen shot

Photo credits this month go to Nancy McKenzie. It reminded me of when we’d take our cassette player and put it close to the radio speaker to record songs. Nancy was taking pictures of the computer screen on a camera, then transferring them back to the computer to send it for publication. Ed Heffern also joined us at some point, but the above screen shot is the only one that didn’t feature the top of someone’s head, someone with their eyes closed, someone yawning, etc. The clever among us can alter their background image, like Rick and Steve have here. But to get everyone paying attention and smiling for the camera is more like herding cats.

Speaking of cats, this is Nancy’s Izabel. She’s a shy old gal, but she likes me for whatever reason.

November 2020 playlist

Keith Blaney & Nancy McKenzie, ‘In Spite of Ourselves’, John Prine.

Rich Ryan, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, Lennon/McCartney.

Gary Krause, ‘Speak to the Sky’, Bruce Springsteen.

Ernie Brazzale, (not so) ‘Amazing Grace’, Christian hymn John Newton lyrics.

Ernie doing pre-accordian warm-ups. And a one and a two…

Steve Gilmore, ‘I’ll Break Out Again Tonight’, Leonard Nimoy.

Keith Blaney, ‘The Navajo Trail’, D. Charles/L. Markes/E. DeLange.

Rich Ryan, ‘Country Road’, James Taylor.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Bolero’, Ravel.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Twelve Disciples’, Mike Cross.

Steve in front of Leonard Nimoy album cover. Steve’s record player must be HUGE!

Ed Heffern, ‘De Colores’, Mexican folk song.

Nancy & Keith, ‘Good Old Mountain Dew’, Lundsford/Wiseman.

Rich Ryan, ‘Still…You Turn Me On’, Emerson Lake & Palmer.

Steve Gilmore, ‘White Summer’, Jimmy Page.

Ernie Brazzale played us out with a 14 bar blues on his accordion.

Also with us tonight were Melinda Brazzale, Rick Memmel, and Izabel the Cat.

October 2020

Before diving in to the October newsletter, let’s give a round of applause to Maria Means and Ken Frederick, who got married on September 26th at the Botanic Gardens. They were such a hot couple, the air filled with smoke! OK-maybe the Mullens Fire up in Medicine Bow may have contributed to the air quality as well. No matter, congrats! you crazy kids!

Maria and Ken fondling an unnamed guitar.

This month we met at the First United Methodist Church downtown. It was a very nice space with ample parking. The trick, however, was getting into that parking lot. As the facility is surrounded by one way streets, I think I circled the wagons three times before stumbling on to the entrance to the parking lot. I was not alone. It will be easier to find next time.

The Pumpkin King

Sue Frerich brought our friend Marvin. So good to see you, Marv! (and thanks, Sue!)

Marvin was in rare form, nailing his tune tonight.

A little different this month, Rich played a medley of opening riffs for at least a half dozen tunes we all recognized. Our utility player this month was Nancy McKenzie. First she joined Ben and Margene on their tune,

Ben and Margene with Nancy. Nancy, show yourself!

Then she played and sang a tune with Gary.

Nancy and Gary doing the Seekers tune, ‘Guardian Angel Guiding Light’.

Finally, she joined yours truly while we butchered Roger Miller’s ‘You Can’t Roller-skate in a Buffalo Herd’.

‘You can’t go swimming in the neighbor’s toilet’.

So where will we be next month? Hard to say. With the Covid epidemic ramping up, places that will have us are dwindling. We may have to return to an online format-we’ll see…

October 2020 Playlist

Marvin Frerich started us off with a traditional folk song, ‘Jamaican Farewell’.

Steve Gilmore, ‘The Fisherman’, Leo Kottke.

Steve knew all the words and over half the chords to this Leo Kottke tune.

Ben & Margene Zavorka, with Nancy McKenzie, ‘Singin’ the Blues’, Marvin Ensley (by Marty Robbins).

Gary Krause/Nancy McKenzie, ‘Guardian Angel, Guiding Light’, by the Seekers.

Keith Blaney/Nancy McKenzie, ‘You Can’t Roller-skate in a Buffalo Herd’, Roger Miller.

Edith Cook, La Rossigual, from the Renaissance.

Jeannie White, ‘Fields of Gold’, Sting.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Smoke Rings’, Gifford and Washington.

Plugged in and wired for sound, Ernie is also a call center for wayward crocodiles.

Rich Ryan, ‘Medley of Intros’, by various artists.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Licks Off of Records’, Martin Mull.

Ben Zavorka, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’, Johnny Cash

Gary Krause, ‘Free Candy’, original.

Keith Blaney, ‘Write Myself a Letter’, Fats Waller.

Edith Cook, ‘Study for Two Lutes’, Renaissance piece.

Starry starry night, paint your pallet blue and grey. Mostly blue…

Ernie Brazzale, ‘If’, David Gates (of Bread).

Rich Ryan, ‘Kodachrome’, Paul Simon.

Marvin Frerich, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, Harold Arlen/Yip Harburg.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Safroni’, Jimmy Martin.

What are the rules in shuffleboard? Did I score a 10, or am I out of bounds?

Keith Blaney, ‘The Beautiful Shape for ’65’, Chevrolet commercial jingle.

Jeannie White, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, Lynard Skynard.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’, George Gershwin.

Rich Ryan, ‘Joy to the World’, Hoyt Axton, (Three Dog Night).

Also joining us tonight were Sue Frerich and Brian Andreas. Photo credits to Rich Ryan and Nancy McKenzie.

September 2020 meeting

As they used to say on Monty Python’s Flying Circus, “And now for something completely different”…

Meet Steve Grillmore. An excellent job he did too, living up to his new name.

We met on September 1st at the North Pavilon in Lion’s Park. Rich figured since there was a grill just outside the shelter, why not Shanghai someone to fry up some burgers and brats? So that’s what Steve and Rich put together, a very nice picnic on a most pleasant night.

There was electricity at one end of the enclosure, and we were told, lights! A few chairs and stools were hauled in, but most everyone was happy just to sit at the picnic tables to play their tunes. It was a very relaxed atmosphere with people milling around, getting food and such. It didn’t seem quite as ‘formal’ as one of our normal meetings, where we try to get around the circle twice. There was no circle, no order to speak of, and for some folks this made playing much easier.

IT BURNS!!! I’ve just tried on some of the new popular spray tan, Orange Roughie.

Welcome to Hailey Ellingham, joining us for the first time, and Ron Labrecque, who hasn’t visited us in quite some time. Remy brought a big box of music books once owned by Don Williams, inviting everyone to help themselves. Free food, free literature, good music, all on a most pleasant evening. Almost perfect.

Lights just warming up. 50% face mask coverage.

The sun slipped away on us. We looked high and low for a light switch, no luck. They must be on a sensor! Nope, it got dark. Turns out they were on a timer, set for earlier in the summer when the days were longer. The lights finally winked on just as we were making our last pass through the pavilion for lost cords and a final trash round up. Oh well, it was still a very pleasant evening, and with the extras we enjoyed, a real treat.

Playlist for September 2020

David Norby, Ernie Brazzale, and Keith Blaney provided some dinner music while everyone was chowing down but before the playlist came out.

Remy Abeyta, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, Harold Arlen.

Gary Krause, ‘Smile A Little Smile’, Tony Macaulay, Jeff Stephens

The floor was covered with snakes where Gary was sitting, so he took the high post.

Rick Memmel, ‘Run For Your Life’, the Beatles.

Edith Cook, ‘Etude in B Minor’, F. Noad.

Russ Williams, ‘Study #6’, Carcassi.

‘People all over the world, join hands, start a Love Train, Love Train.’ A song written before 2020…

David Norby, ‘Love Train’, The O’Jays.

Ken Frederick, ‘420’, original.

Edith Cook, ‘Muss i denn’, German folksong.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Paint the Town’, Carter Stanley.

Rich Ryan, ‘Sweet Baby James’, James Taylor.

Half photo of Rich. Half a credit to Russ Williams.

Remy Abeyta, ‘How Great Thou Art’, Carl Boberg.

Nancy McKenzie/Keith Blaney, ‘Dooley’, M.Jayne/R.Dillard.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Minnie the Moocher’, Cab Calloway.

Ernie in Foreground, Rick in back. Hida Hida Hida Hey.

Keith Blaney, ‘Seymour and Irmagard’, original.

Gary Krause, ‘Change’, original.

David Norby, ‘Walking In Memphis’, Marc Cohn

Russ Williams, ‘Prelude from Suite No. 2’, Brouwer.

Ken taking another holiday.

Ken Frederick, ‘Holiday #19’, original.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Sweet Allis Chalmers’, Jimmie Hadley.

Nancy McKenzie/Keith Blaney, ‘Whiskey ‘Fore Breakfast’, Canadian fiddle tune.

Rich Ryan, ‘Love the One You’re With’, Steven Stills.

Edith Cook, ‘Laquime’, F. Tarnya. (it got too dark to write, so this might be erroneous)

Also joining us; Ron Labrecque, Hailey Ellingham, Barb Williams, and Brian Andreas.

August 2020 meeting

August 4th was a beautiful night, with a light breeze and cloud cover in the back yard of Kristy and Justin. The low turn-out actually worked to our advantage; with the clouds it got dark shortly after 8pm, but we had already made two laps and goofed off a bit as well.

Nico is a bit blurry; I think the camera may have had a cocktail before work.

‘Happy Birthday’ was sung to both Kristy and Nico, both born on this day. Then Kristy returned the favor in spades, singing one of her own and harmonizing with Justin on several tunes. That was worth the price of admission right there!

Nice to see Maria and Ken, and David Norby as well. David always brings something that you probably haven’t heard in quite a few years, so that’s always another treat to enjoy at our CGS soirees.

Ken working one of his original tunes while Maria sticks out her tongue, trying to distract him.

The ‘group’ song (of sorts) was ‘Fifty Cents’. No music, no sing along, but simple chords that most could play along, and a nice fill by Steve. Next month we might need to move back indoors, with shorter nights and cooler temps. We’ll have to figure it out between now and then, as the library isn’t going to have meeting rooms available any time soon.

Playlist for August 2020

Gary Krause started us off with ‘Rhythm of the Rain’ by John Gummoe.

Rich’s camera has sobered up by now; this shot is wonderful!

Nancy McKenzie, Keith Blaney. ‘Red Haired Boy'(traditional) and ‘Margaret’s Waltz’ by Pat Shaw.

Keith & Nancy, ‘Rabbit Run’, original with Bob Davis.

Ken Frederick, ‘Sauvid-20’, original.

Oh wouldn’t it be nice…

David Norby, ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’, by Brian Wilson, Mike Love, and Tony Asher.

Rich Ryan, ‘Closer to Home’, by Grand Funk.

Justin & Kristy Johnson, ‘Already Gone’, by Wild River.

Justin & Kristy, ‘More Love’, by Tim O’Brien.

Gary Krause, ‘Is It Wise’, original.

Masks were required, antlers were optional attire.

Keith Blaney, ‘Wonderful World’, by Weisse/Thiele.

Ken Frederick, ‘A July Song From 2017’, original tune.

David Norby, ‘Sweet Home Chicago’, Robert Johnson.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me think of the dangling chads in Florida.

Rich Ryan, ‘We Just Disagree’, Dave Mason.

Steve Gilmore, ‘A Hole in the Day’, by Leo Kottke.

Steve, ‘Highway of Sorrow’, Bill Monroe.

Justin & Kristy, ‘If We Were Vampires’, by Jason Isbell.

Group song, ‘Fifty Cents’, anonymous.

Kristy Johnson, ‘Forever Young’, by Audra Mae.

Nora joins her folks for ‘Wildflowers’ by Dolly Parton.

Justin & Kristy, ‘Wildflowers’, by Dolly Parton.

Also joining us tonight, Maria Means, Nico, Coen, and Nora Johnson.

July 2020 meeting

Barefoot and blissful, and making up the words as I go merrily along.

We made history on July 7th, with our first OUTDOOR meeting of the Cheyenne Guitar Society. Justin and Kristy played host to us in their back yard. Centrally located with plenty of parking, it worked out really well. The cool grass felt wonderful on your tootsies; those of you that managed to keep your shoes on will just have to take my word for it.

Welcome to Julie and Kevin Calcote, up from Texas on a visit with their friend Jeanie White. Kevin certainly knows his way around a guitar neck, and has a good voice to go with it. Come back any time, it was a great pleasure hearing you play.

Here’s Kevin tearing up ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’

We were going to, then we weren’t, then (oh what the heck) we did it anyway, a group song of the traditional folk song ‘Cripple Creek’. Thanks to Ben Zavorka and his lovely entourage for bringing that for us.

Nancy, Margene and Ben ready to knock out a tune or maybe knock off a liquor store; who knows?

It’s hard to believe this was the first time in 25 years we held a meeting outdoors, it was just so pleasant. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears we’ll have to be creative about where and/or how we meet for the next few months. Personally, I hope the Johnson’s will consider having us again. For me, the highlight of the meeting was getting the chance to hear Kristy play and sing. Her harmonizing is spot on, and her voice is clear and bright. They can’t get away together very often, so hearing them together was a real treat.

Playlist for July 2020

Ernie Brazzale started us out with ‘Sleepy Time Down South’, by Rene, Rene, and Muse.

Remy Abeyta, Television Westerns Medley, Livingston, Koury, and Young.

Head ’em up, Move ’em out! Yee haw!

Justin and Kristy Johnson, ‘Chaos and Clothes’, Jason Isbell.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Let Me Love You One More Time’, the Carter Brothers.

Nancy McKenzie, Margene and Ben Zavorka, ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ aka ‘Gilgarie Mountain’, Chieftans/Irish Rovers.

Keith Blaney, ‘Cheyoming Front Rear Daze’, original.

Rich Ryan, ‘Blackbird’, Paul McCartney

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Rich looking for the words to the next verse.

Jeanie White, ‘Crazy Love’, Van Morrison.

Russ Williams, ‘Sarabanda from Suite in A’, Ponce.

Paul Robertson, ‘La Caterdral – Preludio’, Agustin Barrios Mangore.

Some songs need more cowbell. Looks like Paul could use some more neck.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Hide My Blues’ (revisited), Dougherty.

Remy Abeyta, ‘Jamaican Farewell’, Irving Burie. for Marvin…

Justin and Kristy, ‘Cover Me Up’, Jason Isbell.

The Tiki Torch was enchanted, and would conk Justin in the noggin if he played a wrong note. Sadly, it never happened.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Fergus County Jail’, John Lowell.

Steve and his Proulx, sending another poor unfortunate to jail.

Keith Blaney, ‘Dream a Little Dream’, Andre/Kahn.

Kevin Calcote, ‘Red Headed Stranger’, Willie Nelson.

Jeanie dragging a cowboy off his fence.

Jeanie White, ‘Desperado’, The Eagles.

Russ Williams, ‘Soledad’, Montes

Here’s Russ, busking for a tennis ball.

Paul Robertson, ‘La Catedral – Religioso’, Augustin Barrios Mangore.

Group Song, ‘Cripple Creek’, traditional folk song.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’, Gershwin.

Ernie playing in his own very unique style, singing into a very tiny microphone.

Remy Abeyta, ‘America the Beautiful’, Katherine Lee Bates.

Kristy Johnson, ‘July’, Noah Cyrus.

Justin Johnson, ‘Like You’, original

Kevin Calcote, ‘Sunshine On My Shoulders’, John Denver.

Also joining us were Julie Calcote and the Johnson children.

Photo credits go to Rich Ryan, Nancy McKenzie, and yours truly. And believe me, I was happy to have some photos to include this month!

June 2020 meeting

We Zoomed once again for our June meeting, but it really gave us a run for our money this time.  Melinda B. once again played host, but the website wasn’t behaving so we got off to a late start. My best guess is that people saw this as a cancellation of the meeting, as attendance was low with only eight participants.

The added confusion this month was it was dropping the connection for participants, who would then either give up, or switch to another device.  Plus there is the basic problem that Zoom is designed for voice only; music out of that frequency range is considered noise and eliminated, so even the best connection for a performance is full of audio holes, frequency clipping, or total blackouts.

Rich had his cue cards, shouting encouragement, sometimes upside down sometimes backwards but enjoyable all the same.  Ernie told us all about St. George, Utah, where he and Melinda were visiting their son and his family.  Steve showed us his favorite t-shirt, both front and back, from the 19th annual Country Bluegrass Show in North Platte.  We also had a guest appearance by Little Red Riding Hood herself, and we thank her for the video.

It has been suggested that perhaps for our next meeting, we get together in a park somewhere.  We can practice social distancing, wear our masks when it isn’t our turn, and perhaps have a better outcome.  Worth a try, yes?  We’ll see what develops.

Playlist for June 2020

Nancy McKenzie/Keith Blaney, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.

Rich Ryan, ‘Morning Has Broken’, Cat Stevens.

Ed Heffern, ‘Cremation of Sam Magee’, poem by Robert Cervis, to the tune of ‘Star of the County Down, assembled by Ed hisself.

Gary Krause, ‘Smile a Little Smile For Me’, Tony McCally/ Jeff Stevens of The Sound Machine.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Blue Knight’, Kirk Magee.

Nancy and Keith, ‘Red Haired Boy’, Francis O’Neill.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Green Acres’, Vic Mizzy, and ‘Beverly Hillbillies’, Flatt and Scruggs, done acappella.

Nancy and Keith, ‘Wayfarin’ Stranger’, folk tune.

Rich Ryan, ‘These Days’, Dan Fogelberg.

Ben & Margene Zavorka, ‘My Starbucks Song’, original.

Ed Heffern, ‘De Colores’, folk tune.

Steve Gilmore, ‘East Virginia Blues’, traditional.

Gary Krause, ‘Back to Work’, original.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Colleen Malone’, Pete Goebels.

Rich Ryan, ‘Drift Away’, Mentor Williams.

Also attending were Rick Memmel and Melinda Brazzale.