June 2020 meeting

We Zoomed once again for our June meeting, but it really gave us a run for our money this time.  Melinda B. once again played host, but the website wasn’t behaving so we got off to a late start. My best guess is that people saw this as a cancellation of the meeting, as attendance was low with only eight participants.

The added confusion this month was it was dropping the connection for participants, who would then either give up, or switch to another device.  Plus there is the basic problem that Zoom is designed for voice only; music out of that frequency range is considered noise and eliminated, so even the best connection for a performance is full of audio holes, frequency clipping, or total blackouts.

Rich had his cue cards, shouting encouragement, sometimes upside down sometimes backwards but enjoyable all the same.  Ernie told us all about St. George, Utah, where he and Melinda were visiting their son and his family.  Steve showed us his favorite t-shirt, both front and back, from the 19th annual Country Bluegrass Show in North Platte.  We also had a guest appearance by Little Red Riding Hood herself, and we thank her for the video.

It has been suggested that perhaps for our next meeting, we get together in a park somewhere.  We can practice social distancing, wear our masks when it isn’t our turn, and perhaps have a better outcome.  Worth a try, yes?  We’ll see what develops.

Playlist for June 2020

Nancy McKenzie/Keith Blaney, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.

Rich Ryan, ‘Morning Has Broken’, Cat Stevens.

Ed Heffern, ‘Cremation of Sam Magee’, poem by Robert Cervis, to the tune of ‘Star of the County Down, assembled by Ed hisself.

Gary Krause, ‘Smile a Little Smile For Me’, Tony McCally/ Jeff Stevens of The Sound Machine.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Blue Knight’, Kirk Magee.

Nancy and Keith, ‘Red Haired Boy’, Francis O’Neill.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Green Acres’, Vic Mizzy, and ‘Beverly Hillbillies’, Flatt and Scruggs, done acappella.

Nancy and Keith, ‘Wayfarin’ Stranger’, folk tune.

Rich Ryan, ‘These Days’, Dan Fogelberg.

Ben & Margene Zavorka, ‘My Starbucks Song’, original.

Ed Heffern, ‘De Colores’, folk tune.

Steve Gilmore, ‘East Virginia Blues’, traditional.

Gary Krause, ‘Back to Work’, original.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Colleen Malone’, Pete Goebels.

Rich Ryan, ‘Drift Away’, Mentor Williams.

Also attending were Rick Memmel and Melinda Brazzale.