August 2020 meeting

August 4th was a beautiful night, with a light breeze and cloud cover in the back yard of Kristy and Justin. The low turn-out actually worked to our advantage; with the clouds it got dark shortly after 8pm, but we had already made two laps and goofed off a bit as well.

Nico is a bit blurry; I think the camera may have had a cocktail before work.

‘Happy Birthday’ was sung to both Kristy and Nico, both born on this day. Then Kristy returned the favor in spades, singing one of her own and harmonizing with Justin on several tunes. That was worth the price of admission right there!

Nice to see Maria and Ken, and David Norby as well. David always brings something that you probably haven’t heard in quite a few years, so that’s always another treat to enjoy at our CGS soirees.

Ken working one of his original tunes while Maria sticks out her tongue, trying to distract him.

The ‘group’ song (of sorts) was ‘Fifty Cents’. No music, no sing along, but simple chords that most could play along, and a nice fill by Steve. Next month we might need to move back indoors, with shorter nights and cooler temps. We’ll have to figure it out between now and then, as the library isn’t going to have meeting rooms available any time soon.

Playlist for August 2020

Gary Krause started us off with ‘Rhythm of the Rain’ by John Gummoe.

Rich’s camera has sobered up by now; this shot is wonderful!

Nancy McKenzie, Keith Blaney. ‘Red Haired Boy'(traditional) and ‘Margaret’s Waltz’ by Pat Shaw.

Keith & Nancy, ‘Rabbit Run’, original with Bob Davis.

Ken Frederick, ‘Sauvid-20’, original.

Oh wouldn’t it be nice…

David Norby, ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’, by Brian Wilson, Mike Love, and Tony Asher.

Rich Ryan, ‘Closer to Home’, by Grand Funk.

Justin & Kristy Johnson, ‘Already Gone’, by Wild River.

Justin & Kristy, ‘More Love’, by Tim O’Brien.

Gary Krause, ‘Is It Wise’, original.

Masks were required, antlers were optional attire.

Keith Blaney, ‘Wonderful World’, by Weisse/Thiele.

Ken Frederick, ‘A July Song From 2017’, original tune.

David Norby, ‘Sweet Home Chicago’, Robert Johnson.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me think of the dangling chads in Florida.

Rich Ryan, ‘We Just Disagree’, Dave Mason.

Steve Gilmore, ‘A Hole in the Day’, by Leo Kottke.

Steve, ‘Highway of Sorrow’, Bill Monroe.

Justin & Kristy, ‘If We Were Vampires’, by Jason Isbell.

Group song, ‘Fifty Cents’, anonymous.

Kristy Johnson, ‘Forever Young’, by Audra Mae.

Nora joins her folks for ‘Wildflowers’ by Dolly Parton.

Justin & Kristy, ‘Wildflowers’, by Dolly Parton.

Also joining us tonight, Maria Means, Nico, Coen, and Nora Johnson.