January 2020 meeting

You know that saying, ‘Sometimes big things come in small packages’? We were just the opposite, with only eleven people in the Library’s Cottonwood Room. Well, make that twelve, when Ernie showed up just in time to play us out.

Ernie teaching Justin’s guitar his unique playing style

Welcome to Crys Moore and Stevy Rae Luca who came for a listen. Paul Robertson drove down from Wheatland with his classical guitar. Some of us would like to thank Paul for waiting a few years before joining us. Had he been there in the beginning, they never would have invited us steel string players to join the party. Listening to Paul play is what I guess the original (classical) players were going for in the first place.

Not a great picture of Paul, but he was busy and I didn’t want to disturb him…

Our group song was Chris Christopherson’s ‘Bobbie Magee’, with a key change in it, no less. Most of us did ok with it. We also voted in the officers and board for 2020. It’ll be a small group this year.

It’s time to get your tickets for the Valentine’s soiree if you haven’t yet. February 14th, Little America, starts at 6pm for hors d’oeuvres, performance by last year’s GFA winner at 7, and plated dinner at 8. There are two words there I spell so poorly I keep them on a cheat sheet. Can’t look up what you can’t spell, and auto correct is just confused by my attempts. Just sayin’.

Playlist January 2020

Earl Janack started us off with ‘Wild Blue Eyes’, a traditional folk tune.

Earl working a tune.

Roland Peterson, ‘Opus 139 #5’, Guiliani

Steve Gilmore, ‘Gentle Annie’, by Steven Foster

Justin Johnson, ‘Time In A Bottle’, Jim Croce

Keith Blaney, ‘Confused’, original

Rich Ryan, ‘Wichita Lineman’, Jimmy Webb

Look at all the strings and tuning pegs on Rich’s guitar. That’s just crazy.

Paul Robertson, ‘Squares Suspended’, Andrew York

Earl Janack, ‘Deportee’, Woodie Guthrie

Roland Peterson, ‘Opus 60 #7’, Carcassi

Steve Gilmore, ‘Young Jane’, traditional fiddle tune

Our big man with a small guitar, Steve Gilmore

Justin Johnson, ‘SRV Style Blues’ unknown

Keith Blaney, ‘My Road’, original

Group song, ‘Bobbie Magee’, Chris Christopherson.

Rich Ryan, ‘Hark the Herald Angels’, jazzy version

Paul Robertson, ‘Ode to Joy’, Ludwig Von Beethoven, arrangement by Paul

Earl Janack, ‘Wildwood Flower’, the Carter Family

Steve Gilmore, ‘Doc’s Guitar’, Doc Watson

We make Justin sit by himself and sing to a chair

Justin Johnson, ‘Friend of the Devil’, Greatful Dead

Keith Blaney, ‘I Will’, Lennon/McCartney

Rich Ryan, ‘Sister Golden Hair’, America

Paul Robertson, ‘Carol of the Bells/What Child is This?’ medley.

Earl Janack, ‘I’m In The Place I Am’, original

Justin Johnson, ‘Sittin’ Here’, original

The original of Justin’s original. I’m lying, of course, it’s much too neat to be original

Keith Blaney, ‘Crazy Love’, Van Morrison

Ernie Brazzale, ‘You Belong to Me’. I might be wrong about this as well, as we had already packed up and Ernie didn’t have a chance to write his tune down.

Also joining us were Stevy Rae Luca, Rick Memmel, Crys Moore, and Nancy McKenzie.