November 2020 meeting

With a spike in Covid cases, nearly one million nationwide and over 3000 here in Wyoming this week, we decided it would be best to move this meeting back online. Thanks to Melinda Brazzale, once again, for hosting us on her Zoom account. We tried for something more music friendly called jamkazam, but were unable to jump through all the hoops in time for tonight’s meeting.

The best screen shot

Photo credits this month go to Nancy McKenzie. It reminded me of when we’d take our cassette player and put it close to the radio speaker to record songs. Nancy was taking pictures of the computer screen on a camera, then transferring them back to the computer to send it for publication. Ed Heffern also joined us at some point, but the above screen shot is the only one that didn’t feature the top of someone’s head, someone with their eyes closed, someone yawning, etc. The clever among us can alter their background image, like Rick and Steve have here. But to get everyone paying attention and smiling for the camera is more like herding cats.

Speaking of cats, this is Nancy’s Izabel. She’s a shy old gal, but she likes me for whatever reason.

November 2020 playlist

Keith Blaney & Nancy McKenzie, ‘In Spite of Ourselves’, John Prine.

Rich Ryan, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, Lennon/McCartney.

Gary Krause, ‘Speak to the Sky’, Bruce Springsteen.

Ernie Brazzale, (not so) ‘Amazing Grace’, Christian hymn John Newton lyrics.

Ernie doing pre-accordian warm-ups. And a one and a two…

Steve Gilmore, ‘I’ll Break Out Again Tonight’, Leonard Nimoy.

Keith Blaney, ‘The Navajo Trail’, D. Charles/L. Markes/E. DeLange.

Rich Ryan, ‘Country Road’, James Taylor.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Bolero’, Ravel.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Twelve Disciples’, Mike Cross.

Steve in front of Leonard Nimoy album cover. Steve’s record player must be HUGE!

Ed Heffern, ‘De Colores’, Mexican folk song.

Nancy & Keith, ‘Good Old Mountain Dew’, Lundsford/Wiseman.

Rich Ryan, ‘Still…You Turn Me On’, Emerson Lake & Palmer.

Steve Gilmore, ‘White Summer’, Jimmy Page.

Ernie Brazzale played us out with a 14 bar blues on his accordion.

Also with us tonight were Melinda Brazzale, Rick Memmel, and Izabel the Cat.