May 2021 meeting

OK, I’ll hold this, but you OWE me…

We were back in the library’s Cottonwood Room for our May 4th meeting. Turnout was good! Some folks we haven’t seen in awhile were Kristy Johnson with her great harmonies and stellar music stand impression, David Norby with his moldy oldies you haven’t heard in years, Ken Frederick with his draw dropping original tunes, and Steve Borin doing his best Steve Borin impression. Trust me, no one does it better.

For something different, Rick brought us an early 60’s Melody Maker by Gibson, a single pick-up solid body electric. He ran it through a battery powered Pig Nose and some type of pedal, and sounded REAL good. Rick also did some videos, and if you click on the red arrow you can hear and watch some snippets. Thanks to Rick and Justin for adding this new feature to our monthly newsletter!

I think he said this Melody Maker was from 1962, so definitely worth more than my car. $800, easy.

The library currently requires masks be worn at all times, or lose your privilege to meet there again. For most of us, it just meant you really couldn’t understand the words being sung. For some of us, trying to read our music through fogged glasses proved to be insurmountable. For me, I had other problems… My ears are too far apart (aka fat head) for the generic sized mask I brought, so it would not stay in place. With one hand strumming, one playing chords, and no other appendage wishing to get involved in this fiasco, my mask slowly but surely made its way down my face and became a chin diaper.

Mask has started its journey south. Don’t tell the library…

Most everyone in our group has had their Covid vaccinations, so things will continue to evolve, but don’t expect the library to lift their mask mandate any time soon. They were one of the first to recognize the health danger and adjust their visitor policies. Still, it’s nice to be together and making noise again in real time.

Playlist for May 2021

Justin & Kristy Johnson, ‘1865’, original.

Keith Blaney, ‘My Road’, original.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Orange Room’, Leo Kottke.

Steve won’t take $50 for his handmade Proux. Yet.

Ken Frederick, ‘Watching the Snow Melt’, original.

Ernie Brazzale & Jeanie White, ‘Gambler’s Blues’, Dan VanRonk.

Jeanie White, ‘Love Potion #9’, The Searchers.

Justin & Kristy, ‘Chaos and Clothes’, Jason Isbell.

Rick Memmel, ‘Cry for a Shadow’, George Harrison & John Lennon.

Coo Coo Cachoo, Mrs Robinson. Or with the mask, ‘Coo coo cafoo, Miffif Robifum’

Gary Krause, ‘The Circle Of Love’, The Seekers.

Rich Ryan, ‘Dirty Work’, Steely Dan.

Keith, ‘Karaoke Queen’, original.

Steve, ‘Panhandle Rag’, Leon McAuliffe.

Ken’s hands are always a blur, sometimes he’s a bit fuzzy himself…

Ken Frederick, ‘Happy Birthday To Me’, original.

Ernie B., ‘Sleepy Time Down South’, Colonel Sanders.

Jeanie White, ‘White Bird’, It’s a Beautiful Day.

Take your shoes off. Sit a spell. Y’all come back now, Ya hear???

Rick Memmel, ‘My Back Pages’, Bob Dylan as done by The Bryds.

David Norby, ‘Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town’, Kenny Rogers & The First Edition.

Gary Krause, ‘As Tears Go By’, Keith Richards.

As tears turned to fog, which turned his readers into milk glass. Gary’s relying on his memory here.

Rich Ryan, ‘Shanty’, Jonathan Edwards.

Ernie B. ‘Misty’, I’m tired of looking it up.

Also joining us tonight were Steve Borin, Edith Cook, and Ron Labrecque.