June 2022 meeting

The empty chair belongs to Remy, our photographer this month

The ‘report’ from our June 7th meeting, written here on the Summer Solstice, will be full of the same misinformation that you should expect by now. I’m just hoping to be done by sunset.

T’was a pretty good crowd for a summertime meeting, though I don’t think summer had arrived just yet. Welcome back to Paul Robertson, from up Torrington way, lending us a little extra class(ical). Edith Cook came down too, though her shoulder surgery needs a little more time before she’s ready to strum her six string again. Next time we see her she should be good to go.

Welcome Bill!

Bill White got shanghaied into coming; he was looking for some lessons and ended up in the snake pit instead. He played a bit for us anyway, and I admire anyone that can do that. Playing in public is NOTHING like serenading on your sofa. We also had a guest, Bev Fontaine. You are both welcome to join us any time, it was great to have you with us!

Work dat neck, Scott

As they say in talk radio world, ‘long time listener/first time caller’ Scott Gondzar joined us. He’s been following our shenanigans via the newsletter for some time, but finally got a chance to join us in person. He says his musical influencers are the Three Kings of Blues and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Three Kings, eh? Larry, Billy Jean, and Rodney, right? Shouldn’t give the new guy so much muck to wade through, but I jes cain’t hep micelff. He did play a SRV lick, and he’s quite good!

Rick with his one and only bass, a cheap Fender from the ’60’s

Rick and Jeannie teamed up for a couple tunes, and Rick brought us the group song as well. It’s a nice break between laps, where we all get to screw up something together.

Picnic planning for August??? Since we don’t have a room secured, we might just be eating out that month. Another housekeeping detail, Rich has been telling us for months now that we start at 6pm, but as musicians, we are legally obligated to ignore such horological restrictions. It’s giving him grey hair, so we should TRY to do better for his hair dresser’s sake.

Playlist for June 2022

Remy surrounded by admirers. That would be ALL of us, not just Edith and Bev!

Jeannie White and Rick Memmel, ‘Honey Don’t’, Carl Perkins.

Paul Robertson, ‘Squares Suspended’, Andrew York.

Bill White, ‘I’d Love to Change the World’, Ten Years After.

look at all the strings on that thing. It’s like an autoharp…

Ken Frederick, ‘And I Love Her’, The Beatles.

Ed Heffern, ‘Fiddler’s Green’, traditional.

Rich Ryan, ‘Leader of the Band’, Dan Fogelberg.

David Norby, ‘Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)’, Bee Gees.

Keith Blaney, ‘Fish and Whistle’, John Prine.

Pretty good shot of both the room’s and Russ’s ventilation systems.

Russ Williams, ‘Nobody, Not Even The Rain’, Alan Thomas.

Remy Abeyta, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’, Johnny Cash.

Jeannie & Rick, ‘Love is All Around’, Troggs.

Group, ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’, Bob Seger.

Jeannie White, ‘It’s Not Easy Being Me’, David Gray.

Rich hasn’t deciding which end to play

Rich Ryan, ‘We Just Disagree’, Dave Mason. (moved for picture purposes)

Paul Robertson, ‘Oblivion’, Astor Piazzola.

Scott Gondzar, ‘Change It’, Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Ken Frederick, ‘Til There Was You’, The Beatles.

Ed Heffern, ‘Landslide’, Stevie Nicks.

David Norby, ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’, The Band (Robbie Robinson)

A very John Prine sort of night

Keith Blaney, ‘Angel From Montgomery’, John Prine.

Russ Williams, ‘A Cowboy Rides Away’, George Straight.

Remy Abeyta, ‘Roadhouse Boogie’, Duane Eddy.

Jeannie White, ‘Time After Time’, Cyndi Lauper.

Stunning arrangement of a well known tune.

Paul Robertson, ‘Ode To Joy’, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Scott Gondzar, ‘San-Ho-Zay’, Freddie King.

Ken Frederick, ‘Penny For Your Thoughts’, Peter Frampton.

Ed Heffern, ‘I Am A Child’, Neil Young.

David getting his Kicks

David Norby, ‘Kicks’, Paul Revere & The Raiders.

Rich Ryan, ‘Sister Golden Hair’, America.

Also joining us this evening were Bev Fontaine and Edith Cook.