May 2024 Meeting

Rich, showing off his cherished ‘PosdiP’ guitar

Unable to score a room at the library this month, we met at Westby’s Edge Brewing Company, downtown on 20th St. We’ve got another travel tip for you; no need to go to Vegas any time soon. As of today, we have our own One Armed Bandit! Our president, Ricardo Ryan, had rotator cuff surgery yesterday. You can pull on his left arm all you want, but the right one will be trussed up like a Christmas Goose for a couple months. Speedy recovery, Rich!

Who is this mystery man under the hat?

Welcome to Steve Gissendanner! Here is his tale of pure tenacity. He’s getting reacquainted with the six string geetar, and was looking for some folks that also play. His first lead took him to Russ Williams, currently visiting family in Chicago. Russ gave me his email so I could contact Steve for our next meeting, but the email bounced; I had something wrong. Steve was going on Russ’s advice, that we usually meet the first Tuesday around 6:30 at the library. (good advice, but I was surprised Russ actually knew the start time) Steve went to the library, but didn’t find us there. I’m not sure what happened next, but somehow he got Rich’s phone number and was able to catch up to us at Westby’s. Boys and girls, THAT is determination. We were missing a bunch of regulars that took a pass because we weren’t at the library… Well, long story even longer, WELCOME Steve! Hope to see you again soon.

Showing Steve some chords. He is (correctly) ignoring me.

We had a couple quick visitors. Suzanna Wahl (a friend of Rich’s) stuck around for a couple songs; my guess is that was plenty. Then Edith Cook dropped by on her way from Saratoga to Ft. Collins. She’s invited us all to her place for dinner sometime in August. RSVP, so she knows when to have it and how many mouths to feed. Just let me know and I’ll pass along the contact info for y’all to make arrangements.

Photo credits this month all to Rich Ryan.

Playlist for May 2024

Ken has made it ALL THE WAY through the Beatles song book. WOOF!!!

Ken Frederick, ‘Scarborough Fair’, Simon & Garfunkel.

Keith Blaney, ‘The Big Empty’, original.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Can He Love You Half As Much As Me’, Ray Stevens.

Rich Ryan, ‘My Father’s Pancreas’ I mean, ‘Eyes’, Eric Clapton.

Steve Gissendanner, ‘Somewhere Between’, Merle Haggard.

Group Song, ‘Take It To The Limit’, Randy Meiser.

Ken, ‘Mother Nature’s Son’, George Harrison.

Keith, ‘Confused’, original.

So he WAS watching that chord I showed him…

Steve, ‘Pray For Rain’, John Lowell.

Rich, ‘Kodachrome’, Paul Simon.

Steve G., ‘He’ll Have To Go’, Jim Reeves.

Ken, ‘Heart of the Country’, Paul McCartney.

Keith, ‘That’s the Way that the World Goes ‘Round’, John Prine.

Steve, ‘Hayseed Suede’, Leo Kottke.

Rich, ‘Long Haired Country Boy’, Charlie Daniels.

Steve G., ‘On the Other Hand’, Randy Travis.

Ken, ‘This Boy’, the Beatles.

Keith, ‘Fifty Cents’, anonymous.

Steve, ‘Things’, Bobby Darin.

Rich, ‘More Than Words’, Extreme.