June 2024 Newsletter

Remy and Nancy. Nancy’s the one in the foreground.

We had a good crowd for a very relaxed meeting on June 4, in the Cottonwood Room.

We have video evidence of Rich out of his arm brace, so once we find the name and address of his physical therapist; LET THE BLACKMAILING BEGIN! Sorry Rich, we love you, but it would be foolish for us to pass up this money making opportunity. (He appears to be healing well, even IF his bank account will soon be taking a hit)

Only three weeks from shoulder surgery. You’re BUSTED!

Steve seems to be having some trouble with his strings buzzing in ways they shouldn’t. Some of us took a look, and while we didn’t necessarily agree as to why his Taylor ain’t shootin’ straight, our consensus was to send it back to Taylor and let them fix it. Once upon a time, not long ago, we had a couple of luthiers that could have sorted it out, but Rick moved to New Jersey or Detroit or someplace, while our friend Floyd moved on to the Celestial BlueGrass ensemble. Probably visiting as we speak with his buddy, Doc Watson.

Our buddy Floyd and his hat. Floyd is to the left, hat to HIS left.

This is just a housekeeping problem, that I am unsure how to resolve. We now have two Steve’s. I haven’t figured out (yet) how to tell them apart when I’m telling stories on them. Steve Gilmore and Steve Gissendanner. Both are Steve G. Both are tall, of similiar build, about the same age. So I can’t refer to them as Tall/Short Steve, Skinny/Fat, Old/Young. Pretty sure I need to be careful with this, as either one of them could pound me into a pancake shape should I pick the wrong ‘Identifier’… This or That Steve doesn’t work, either. I’m going to have to think on this. Meanwhile, I think I’ll just post a picture of the Steve I’m working over. I mean, reporting on.

THIS Steve, along with Yours Truly.

Want to give a big Geetahr Soh-sigh-a-tee HOWDY to Matt Potter, joining us for the first time . We’ve been visiting online a bit. He’s recently moved back to the Cowboy State from a ten year’s absense in Indiana. Having lived in Indiana myself, all I can say is good choice, Matt. Good choice.

Photo credits this month to Nancy McKenzie and the One Armed Bandit, Rich Ryan. Except the one of Floyd; it’s fuzzy so I probably took that’n.

Playlist for June 2024

Remy Abeyta & Nancy McKenzie, ‘Old Joe Clark’, traditional.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Sleepy Time Down South’, Rene, Rene, & Muse.

Steve Gissendanner, ‘For The Good Times’, Ray Price.

Keith Blaney, ‘The Greatest Cowboy’, original.

Did Ed jump the gun, or did Roger just not know when to quit?

Roger Stearns, ‘When You Plant Your Fields’, NuGrass Revival.

Ed Heffern, ‘Can’t Help But Wonder’, Tom Paxton.

Matt Potter, ‘Buffalo Skinners II’, traditional.

Matt (first and last free picture without stupid comment below it)

Ken Frederick, ‘Strawberry Moon’, original.

Rich Ryan, ‘Tears In Heaven’, Eric Clapton.

Kevin & Mandy (aka Keith & Nancy) Whiskey ‘Bfore Breakfast’, Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge.

Remy slept through his turn, but his Telly didn’t.

Remy, ‘Jesusita De Chiguagua’, Quirino Mendoza.

Ernie, ‘God Bless the Child’, Billie Holliday/ Herzog.

Steve, ‘Don’t Let The Old Man In’, Toby Keith.

Roger, ‘Bob Wills Is Still The King’, Waylon Jennings.

We all want to know, Where does Judy make you practice???

Ed, ‘You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away’, Lennon/McCartney.

Matt, ‘ My Sweet Wyoming Home’, Bill Staines.

Rich, ‘More Than Words’, Extreme.

Ken can watch his soaps on that little TV on his headstock.

Ken, ‘Kinda an Irish Sound’, original.

Remy, ‘Silver Wings’, Merle Haggard.

Ed, ‘Wagon Wheel’, Old Crow Medicine Show (Bob Dylan).

Matt, ‘I’m An Old Cowhand’, Moe Bandy (Johny Mercer).