April 2020 meeting.

For the record, let’s talk about the circumstances that lead to this rather unique meeting that took place on April 7th. This country, as well as the rest of the world, is trying to cope with a pandemic caused by the coronavirus, or COVID19. The rule of the day is to avoid contact with your fellow humans as much as possible. Just about everything is shut down while we all isolate ourselves from one another. The library shut down a couple weeks ago, and of course, has cancelled all meetings at least through May.

Not to name names, but our mandolin player (of questionable height and character) suggested we might be able to meet online.  Nancy (oops, it slipped out anyway)  wasn’t sure how to do it, so I put the question to our general membership when notifying them of the physical meeting’s cancellation. Up stepped Melinda Brazzale, offering to host the meeting on her Zoom account.  We held the meeting on our normal first Tuesday at the normal time.  Ironically, we finished exactly at the same time the library would have been throwing us out, at 8:50pm!

So what happened in between, you ask?  Let the lies begin!  I’ve gotta tell ya, I’m really pleased about this golden opportunity to gasbag about some new material, too.  It took us a bit to get used to the format, some of us never quite got there, either…  We had folks show up from Wheatland to Denver, tho’ it did take Martin a little longer to get here, Denver being so far and all.  We made him play an extra song as punishment, which delighted everybody.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_3433.jpg

As for Zoom, it left a lot to be desired as a music platform.  Mind you, this is coming from a man whose VCR would still be blinking 12:00 if I had a VCR, but the whole thing seemed rather primative for this day and age.  The video lagged, and the audio was horrid.  It is designed for meetings, for speech; anything else it deems as noise and tries to eliminate it.  So the sound was clipped, high notes were missing completely.  A couple of the people sounded like a weak radio station fading in and out.  In other words, they have much room for improvement, to say the least.

In the plus column, we had 17 participants.  Some of us took advantage of not having to haul heavy equipment.  We had tunes by Ernie on an 1860’s pump organ, Ed did a couple on his keyboard, and yours truly dragged out a bass guitar and ran it through a homemade amp.  Also joining us was Kenneth Thompson, from Ft. Collins.  He presides over the FoCo guitar group, and said he thinks he’ll give this a go for his cohorts.  Good luck, Kenneth, and you’re welcome back any time!

We also learned a bit more about our president, Rich Ryan, also known as GalaxyNote8.  His alter-ego showed up as well,  The Green Fone Icon.  Unlike Superman and Clark Kent, both of Rich’s identities were at the meeting at the same time.  It appears GFI’s super power was stealing the spotlight at random throughout the meeting .  Pretty scary stuff, Mr. Whoever You Are.

Welcome also to Jackie Smith, Steve Borin, Nancy McKenzie, Ben and Margene Zavorka (aka 13076) and of course, Melinda.  Thank you so much for inviting us into your cyberspace.


Early in the meeting, before Martin and Steve Borin arrived.

Playlist for April 2020

Note: Wherever you see (?) means the information was not provided, was not heard properly, or a best guess at what belongs there. Participants are encouraged to contact me (kdawg307@gmail.com) to erase those Q’s with the correct information.

Justin Johnson started us out with an original tune, ‘No One’ (?)

Ed Heffern (on keyboard), ‘I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover, by (?)

Keith Blaney (on bass) ‘Sunny’, by Bobby Hebb.

Ken Frederick, ‘Here Comes the Sun’, George Harrison.

Russ Williams, ‘Maria Maro’, Antonio Maso

Steve Gilmore, ‘The Village Road’, Matt Flinner

Ernie Brazzale (on pump organ) ‘Quarantine’, a parody of ‘Misty’.

Edith Cook, ‘Minuet in C’, Fernando Saur.

Rich Ryan, ‘Never Going Back Again’ (?) Lindsay Buckingham (?) Rich, our man of mystery…

Martin Gilmore, ‘Something he Wrote in Egypt’ (?), original.

Rick Memmel (on ukelele) ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow, (?)

Justin Johnson, ‘Cover Me Up’, Jason Ismal

Ed Heffern (on keyboard) ‘Your Song’, Elton John

Keith Blaney, ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’, Fats Waller

Ken Frederick, ‘Blackbird’, Paul McCartney

Russ Williams, ‘Soladad’, Alfonzo Montez

Steve Gilmore, ‘Irish Fiddle Tune’ (?) traditional (?)

Ernie Brazzale (on pump organ) (?) by (?)

Edith Cook, ‘Spanish Folk Song’ (?) traditional (?)

Rich Ryan, ‘COVID ONE NINE’ a parody of ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond. new words by GalaxyNote8.

Martin Gilmore, ‘Teenage Lover’ (?) by John Prine, who sadly passed away today from the virus.

Martin Gilmore, completing his penalty lap, with ‘Any Old Time’ (?) by Jimmy Rodgers.

Then Ernie played us out on the pump organ as we exited the meeting.

My Little First Guitar

by Remy Abeyta

It was during the summer before starting my first year of high school. I had worked hard bucking bales ($1 an hour wages in those days) and had earned a little money. I shopped around and settled on what I could afford, a $13 Stella guitar. I purchased it at, of all places, a furniture store in downtown Fort Collins.

At home, I did my best to try to play but it probably wasn’t even in tune. One evening, we had invited a Mexican migrant worker who was here without his family to share supper with us. After suppertime, he saw ‘Stella’ sitting there and asked if he could play it. First, he showed me how to tune it, then showed me how to play a C chord and a G7th (have always been grateful for that). Then he played a few songs and some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard started flowing from that cheap Stella guitar.

In the following days I tirelessly played those two chords over and over again. I didn’t own a guitar pick, so I improvised. I would break a few teeth off hair combs searching for just the right ‘gauge’. A properly selected hair comb tooth provided a surprisingly good sound on the guitar strings. My mom wondered why the hair combs all suddenly started missing teeth…

I quickly outgrew that Stella guitar, it had a very high action and was rough on my tender fingers.  A nearby friend had a guitar for sale.  His folks had bought it for him but he had lost interest, offered to sell and I bought it for $10!

Remy with his second guitar and his fan club watching on.

It was a beginner’s guitar with numbers imprinted on the fretboard and had slightly improved playability over the Stella. While many other guitars would follow during my lifetime, that Stella guitar will always remain in my memory.

Monthly Meeting March 2020

Brady brought us his original shark attack song, ‘Ocean Lover’

March is tricky. Coming in like a lion and going out like a, mmmm, different lion, like it does here in Wyo, with a Friday the 13th thrown in for good measure, it’s not easy to navigate. Worst still, that first Tuesday cropped up so fast it caught many of us off guard. Our turnout reflected this tumultuous month. Welcome to Peter Inells and Chris Smith, who joined us for a listen this month.

Peter watching on while Marvelous Marvin takes us to Jamaica.

Reports were the Valentine’s Day Dinner/Concert went well, and Steve had a solo gig up in Chugwater. If your time machine isn’t in the shop, you can still catch that on the 7th.

No scheduled group song, per se, but Keith invited all to join in and sing like Ringo on ‘Little Help From My Friends’.

What will you do when I sing out of tune? Will you stand up and hurl stuff at me???

Thanks to Rich Ryan for providing most of the photos used this month.

Playlist for March 2020

Brady Lyles, ‘Bird’s Eye View’, an original tune.

Remy Abeyta, ‘Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues’, Danny O’Keefe

Mike Clark, ‘Imagine’, John Lennon

Mike, wake up! It’s the middle of your turn. Sheesh

Steve Gilmore, ‘Traveling Blues’, Lefty Frizzel

Gary Krause, ‘Angels’, original

Jeannie White, ‘Spinning Wheel’, Blood Sweat and Tears

Ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel turn!

Keith Blaney, ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’, Randy Newman

Marvin Frerich, ‘Jamaican Farewell’, traditional folk tune.

Earl Janack, ‘Ironing Board Blues’, From the Waltons

Earl, with a little help from Avery, playin’ the ‘Ironing Board Blues’

Avery Janack, ‘Black’, Pearl Jam

Rich Ryan, ‘More Than Words’, Extreme

Ken Frederick, ‘Yesterday’, Lennon/McCartney

Look at all the strings on that thing! Remarkably, it was in tune, too…

Brady Lyles, ‘Ocean Lover’, original

Remy Abeyta, ‘Gotta Travel On’, Billly Grammer

Mike Clark, ‘This Ol’ Guitar’, John Denver

Gary Krause, ‘Together’, original

Gary and I have the same tell; we start grinning like crazy when we goof up. He was not alone tonight! It was a tough course for a bunch of us.

Jeanie White, ‘Someday Soon’, Ian Tyson

Rick Memmel, Jeanie and Keith, ‘You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away’, Lennon/McCartney

Marvin Frerich, ‘Jamaican Farewell’, traditional folk tune.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Colleen Malone’, Pete Gohles

Steve and a very old friend, an 80 year old Gretch New Yorker

Earl Janack, ‘London Calling’, The Clash

Avery Janack, ‘Wolf Like Me’, TV on the Radio

Rich Ryan, ‘Queen of Corona (virus), Paul Simon mostly…

I can read Rich’s mind; ‘Oh please oh please what’s the next chord here, QUICK!’

Ken Frederick, ‘Things We Said Today’, Lennon/McCartney

Mike Clark, ‘Windy and Warm’, John Loudermilk

Steve Gilmore, ‘Down at Milo’s House’, Norman Blake

Remy Abeyta, ‘Roadhouse Boogie’, Duane Eddy

Man, look at that fancy shirt! As Remy so aptly put it, ‘Where else can you wear a shirt like that?’ Point taken, Mr. Abeyta.

Jeanie White, ‘Tomorrow’, Bob Dylan

Keith Blaney, ‘Little Help From My Friends’, Lennon/McCartney

Earl Janack, ‘Mind Your Own Business’, Hank Williams

Avery Janack, ‘Boy From School’, Hot Chip

Avery hoped we captured his passion. I think we got it. Chris Smith looking on.

April’s meeting doesn’t pop up until the 7th, so it shouldn’t leave the station without us next month. See you there!

February 2020 meeting

Marvelous Marvin made it in from Carpenter.

It’s not every day I get to write about the February Guitar Society meeting; now I just have to think of something to say…

Avery and Earl Janack, guarding the door. Avery’s pickin’, Earl’s a grinnin’…

Earl managed to get us an upgrade. We were slated for the library’s Willow Room, but ended up in the much larger Cottonwood Room next door. Thanks Earl! Attendance was light, with only about a dozen attendees. It was only 3* when I arrived, and -3* when I left, so weather may have been a factor. Marvin came in from Carpenter and Paul came down from Wheatland, so we had a few souls brave the weather.

You may not be able to tell from the picture, but Paul here is from suburban Wheatland.

With the small group, we were able to make it around three times. While there wasn’t an official group song, Keith did invite everyone to sing and play along with Otis Redding’s ‘Dock of the Bay’.

Keith ‘sittin’ in the morning sun’ with Otis. Photo by Rick.

Along with Keith and Otis, Ernie had us singing and scattin’ along with Cab Calloway’s ‘Minnie the Moocher’. Hydee hydee hydee hay!!!

That songbook had more verses than you could shake a music stand at. Especially THAT music stand… Ernie sent it flying more than once.

Playlist for February 2020

Rick Memmel, Keith and Jeanie started us with ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’ by Woodie Guthrie

Marvin Frerich, ‘Jamaican Farewell’, traditional folk tune.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Minnie the Moocher’, Cab Calloway

Steve Gilmore, ‘Watch What Happens’, Tony Mattola

Ed Heffern, ‘Goin’ Down to the Depot Station’, original

Here’s Ed doing some quick strumming.

Justin Johnson, ‘Great’, original

Ken Frederick, ‘Mixed Emotions’, original

Paul Robertson, ‘Corcovado’ (Quiet Nights), Jobim

Avery Janack, ‘I Will Dare’, The Replacements

Earl Janack, ‘ Lovesick Blues’, Hank Williams

Jeanie with ‘Baby, I’m Yours’.

Jeanie White, ‘Baby I’m Yours’, Barbara Lewis

Keith Blaney, ‘The Water is Wide’, traditional

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Fly Me to the Moon’, Bart Howard

Steve Gilmore, ‘Ain’t Gonna Happen’, Kenny Cornell

Steve leaning into a lick

Ed Heffern, ‘Right Here’, original

Justin Johnson, ‘Murderer of Blue Skies’, Chris Cornell

Always a treat when Justin can join us!

Ken Frederick, ‘Holiday #19’, original

Paul Robertson, ‘ Dia de los Pinos’, Torroba

Earl Janack, ‘In America’, original

Jeanie White, ‘Ruby Tuesday’, K. Richards/B. Jones

Keith Blaney, ‘Dock of the Bay’, Otis Redding

Ernie Brazzale, ‘This Masquerade’, Leon Russell

Ed Heffern, ‘The Wind’, Cat Stevens

Ken Frederick, ‘March Bob’, original

Justin Johnson, ‘Chaos & Clothes’, Jason Isbell

Paul Robertson, ‘Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Me’ Dorothy Thrupp

Avery working a Gorillaz tune

Avery Janack, ‘Feel Good Inc.’ Gorrillaz

Earl Janack, ‘Mansion on the Hill’, Hank Williams.

January 2020 meeting

You know that saying, ‘Sometimes big things come in small packages’? We were just the opposite, with only eleven people in the Library’s Cottonwood Room. Well, make that twelve, when Ernie showed up just in time to play us out.

Ernie teaching Justin’s guitar his unique playing style

Welcome to Crys Moore and Stevy Rae Luca who came for a listen. Paul Robertson drove down from Wheatland with his classical guitar. Some of us would like to thank Paul for waiting a few years before joining us. Had he been there in the beginning, they never would have invited us steel string players to join the party. Listening to Paul play is what I guess the original (classical) players were going for in the first place.

Not a great picture of Paul, but he was busy and I didn’t want to disturb him…

Our group song was Chris Christopherson’s ‘Bobbie Magee’, with a key change in it, no less. Most of us did ok with it. We also voted in the officers and board for 2020. It’ll be a small group this year.

It’s time to get your tickets for the Valentine’s soiree if you haven’t yet. February 14th, Little America, starts at 6pm for hors d’oeuvres, performance by last year’s GFA winner at 7, and plated dinner at 8. There are two words there I spell so poorly I keep them on a cheat sheet. Can’t look up what you can’t spell, and auto correct is just confused by my attempts. Just sayin’.

Playlist January 2020

Earl Janack started us off with ‘Wild Blue Eyes’, a traditional folk tune.

Earl working a tune.

Roland Peterson, ‘Opus 139 #5’, Guiliani

Steve Gilmore, ‘Gentle Annie’, by Steven Foster

Justin Johnson, ‘Time In A Bottle’, Jim Croce

Keith Blaney, ‘Confused’, original

Rich Ryan, ‘Wichita Lineman’, Jimmy Webb

Look at all the strings and tuning pegs on Rich’s guitar. That’s just crazy.

Paul Robertson, ‘Squares Suspended’, Andrew York

Earl Janack, ‘Deportee’, Woodie Guthrie

Roland Peterson, ‘Opus 60 #7’, Carcassi

Steve Gilmore, ‘Young Jane’, traditional fiddle tune

Our big man with a small guitar, Steve Gilmore

Justin Johnson, ‘SRV Style Blues’ unknown

Keith Blaney, ‘My Road’, original

Group song, ‘Bobbie Magee’, Chris Christopherson.

Rich Ryan, ‘Hark the Herald Angels’, jazzy version

Paul Robertson, ‘Ode to Joy’, Ludwig Von Beethoven, arrangement by Paul

Earl Janack, ‘Wildwood Flower’, the Carter Family

Steve Gilmore, ‘Doc’s Guitar’, Doc Watson

We make Justin sit by himself and sing to a chair

Justin Johnson, ‘Friend of the Devil’, Greatful Dead

Keith Blaney, ‘I Will’, Lennon/McCartney

Rich Ryan, ‘Sister Golden Hair’, America

Paul Robertson, ‘Carol of the Bells/What Child is This?’ medley.

Earl Janack, ‘I’m In The Place I Am’, original

Justin Johnson, ‘Sittin’ Here’, original

The original of Justin’s original. I’m lying, of course, it’s much too neat to be original

Keith Blaney, ‘Crazy Love’, Van Morrison

Ernie Brazzale, ‘You Belong to Me’. I might be wrong about this as well, as we had already packed up and Ernie didn’t have a chance to write his tune down.

Also joining us were Stevy Rae Luca, Rick Memmel, Crys Moore, and Nancy McKenzie.

December 2019 Soiree

Our master of ceremonies tonight, the fabulous Ernie B.

We had a fairly modest turnout of about 20 folks for our December meeting in the library’s Cottonwood Room. We invited everyone to bring treats, and there were nearly as many platters of goodies as there were players! So many, in fact, we had to take an official snack break, along with casual grazing as the meeting progressed.

Tom Fuller has joined us a few times before, but this was the first time he broke out his guitar. Nice job, Tom!

Tom playing ‘Bill Bailey, Won’t you Please Come Home’

Russ sang two for us, which is always a treat. Some gals showed up early during our second lap, so we waited until they stuffed their faces full of cookies before we asked them who the were. Welcome to Sue Frerich and their neighbor Char Nolan.

Marvelous Marvin and his cookie monster groupies, Char Nolan and Sue Frerich.

The group song was a bit different this month, brought to us by Edith. She enlisted the help of Carol Bowles, Gary Krause, and Ernie to sing it a few times a cappella, then taught it to the rest of us.

Carol, Floyd (sitting in for Gary) and Edith

Here’s wishing you and yours a most joyous and blessed Christmas season. See you all again, with perfect clarity, in 2020.

Here’s Ed with his fancy singing music stand, Judy Heffern. Also pictured is Rick playing along with a rather mundane music stand. Rick (and his stand) do not usually sing.

December 2019 Playlist

Lots of guests tonight, so just to mix things up a bit that’s where I’ll start. Floyd Turner, Barb Williams, Kathy Memmel, Sue Frerich, and Char Nolan all joined in the festivities, and many brought treats! Thank you!

Russ sang two for us tonight, along with a most excellent classical piece.

Russ started us out with ‘Blott en Dag’ by Oscar Ahnfelt.

Tom Fuller, ‘Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home’, by Hughie Cannon.

Marvin Frerich, ‘Jamaican Farewell’, traditional folksong.

Ed and Judy Heffern with Rick Memmel, ‘Christmas Dinner’ by Paul Stookey.

Ken, about to be eaten by that tall stack of chairs. Goodies in background about to be eaten by everyone else.

Ken Frederick, ‘Pearl Harbor Day’, original

Keith Blaney, ‘The Christmas Song’, Mel Torme.

Earl Janack, ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’, lyrics by N. Regney, music by G. Shayne.

Roland Peterson, ‘Study in A’, by Giuliania

Roland working on something classical

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Please Come Home For Christmas’, Charles Brown.

Remy Abeyta, ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, Hugh Martin/Ralph Blane

Edith Cook, Carol Bowles, and Gary Krause brought us the group song ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’, anonymous

Boy, who took this picture? Cut Carol in half, Ed’s hat is hovering a foot off his head, and Gary is hidden in obscurity. I say fire that photographer!!!

Russ Williams, ‘Auld Lang Syne’ , traditional

Tom Fuller, ‘Sloop John B.’, Bahamian folk song.

Ken Frederick, ‘Chut Hut’, original

Ed Heffern and Rick Memmel, ‘Little Saint Nick’, Beach Boys.

Keith Blaney, Rick Memmel, Nancy McKenzie, ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’, Johny Marks.

Nancy and Rolland look on while Earl offers up his original tune

Earl Janack, ‘Winter Solstice’, original

Keith Blaney, ‘Merry Christmas From the Family’, Robert Earl Keene.

Roland Peterson, ‘Opus 50 No. 3’, Carcassi.

Remy Abeyta, ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, Katherine Davis.

Ernie Brazzale, ‘You Belong To Me’, Chilton Price/ Pee Wee King.

Our camera shy Remy with his nylon stringed marvel.

Carol Bowles, Edith Cook, Gary Krause, and Ed Heffern, ‘Silent Night/ Night of Silence’, Daniel Kantor

Russ Williams, ‘Mary’s Boy Child’, Jester Hairston.

Marvin Frerich, ‘Jamaican Farewell’, Jamaican folk song.

Ken Frederick, ‘So Beautiful’, original

Rick Memmel & Ed Heffern, ‘Feliz Navidad’, Jose Feliciano.

Earl Janack, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth’, Don Gardner

Remy Abeyta, ‘Jingle Bells’, James Lord Pierpont.

Upcoming Events

January is just around the corner! Time to renew your membership for the princely sum of $25. Such a good deal! While it is not a requirement for monthly attendance, it does support our status as a real group, which we must do from time to time. It also earns you discounts for our special events. It also entitles you to vote, which coincidently, is the next topic.

We will be voting for a new slate of officers as soon as possible in the new year, hopefully in January (but things do happen). Perhaps it will be February, which brings us to our next topic. See how I’m segue’n from one thing to the next? Notice I don’t really know how to work with the word ‘segue’?

February will be our annual Valentine’s dinner/concert on the 14th. Pester Russ about it in January if you would like to attend. There are not many seats left. There will also be a master class. Trust me, you don’t have to play classical guitar to learn enough to make your brain hurt for a couple days. $10 to monitor, again pester Dr. Williams for details.

Don Williams

March 28, 1939 – November 13, 2019

Our good friend and long standing Guitar Society stalwart Don Williams passed away last Wednesday. When I took over the newsletter from Don and Danna in April of 2015, I did a bio of the Dynamic Duo. Let’s see if I can transfer that story here for those of you that didn’t get a chance to know Don.

This photo was up in the ‘Teaser’ section on the first page. and was captioned ‘WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?’

Don and Danna Williams, We Salute You

We begin this tale in 1958, when Danna’s sister took her along to work one day at her job at the Owl Inn. Don saw Danna, snatched her right out of the cradle (obviously) and that was that. Before you know it, the begat’n started; three daughters begat 7 grandkids that begat 2 grand babies. They’ll also begetting a set of twins this fall.

Danna did a short stint (27 years) with the state. Don had an auto upholstery/glass shop for starters, then like a good neighbor, wrapped up his work career in the insurance biz. More importantly, he started up a band with Carl Halladay, Stan Christiansen, and Wayne Land called The Chugwater Philharmonic in 1967. Don was on the five string banjo. Their first gig was during the rodeo, playing between acts at the Melodrama, two shows a day. Like most things CFD, they put in very long days on a voluntary basis. The band became a fixture at the Pancake Breakfast. Ask anyone that’s been around town awhile, they will tell you the two things they miss about the good old days are the Chuck Wagon Races and/or the Chugwater Philharmonic, playing for breakfasts. Pancakes just don’t taste as good these days.

Now to the WHOLE POINT of this third page. Don and Danna have been doing our newsletter for this entire century, this entire millennium even, plus a year or two of the last one. Not everyone had a computer back in the ’90’s, so they produced a printed version as well. (there was a photo of an old green printed newsletter here I can’t seem to recover; you’ll have to use your imagination) They have also served on the board of directors since Hector was a pup. They opened their home and have been the most gracious hosts of our group’s annual picnic more times than you can count on your hand. They have been members of Guitar Society longer than either of them can remember. True stalwarts of our guitar picking community, we wouldn’t be the group we are today if it weren’t for their generous support. Thanks Guys, You Rock!

November 2019 meeting

Gee, Steve, what chord is that you’re playing?

It was cozy in the Willow Room for our November meeting, with all 23 chairs occupied. Then there was Rich here, lounging on the floor.

Rich had a chair but preferred the floor. Funny guy.

Welcome to Brady Lyles, who brought some blues to the party.

Brady brings da blues

I think this month I’ll just let the pictures do most of the talking.

Gary got us started with his tenor ukulele.

Next month, we’ll be in the Cottonwood Room, and we have something special loosely planned. We’d like you all to bring a Christmas song or two, and if you’re willing, a plate of goodies. The Cottonwood Room has plenty of space and extra chairs, so we would also like for you to invite all your friends and family to join us for our holiday celebration.

Playlist for November 2019

Gary Krause covered a Mick Jagger/Keith Richards tune, ‘As Tears Go By’.

Ed Heffern, ‘Autumn Leaves’, by Johny Mercer

Ed posted the lyrics on the thermostat behind him. Glasses adjusted accordingly.

Edith Cook, ‘Se Yo M’Accorgo’, anonymous

Russ Williams, ‘Etude from Musique De Salon’ by Iznaola

Justin Johnson, ‘Love Like This’, Ben Rector

Justin’s stolen music on a borrowed music stand

Ernie Brazzale, ‘St. James Jump’, traditional

Rich Ryan, ‘Past the Point of Rescue’, Hal Ketchum

Keith Blaney, ‘Mystic Highway’, John Foggarty

Jeanie with fan club, Rick and Bob

Jeanie White, ‘In the Wind’, original

Rick Memmel, Jeanie White, and Keith Blaney, ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain’, John Foggarty (CCR)

Marvin Frerich, our Peace Corp Troubadour

Marvin Frerich, ‘Jamaican Farewell’, traditional

Earl Janack, ‘An Unfinished Chord Progression in the Key of D’, original

Earl shocked us; we kept waiting for the singing to start!

Brady Lyles, ‘Blues In ‘A’, original

Steve Gilmore, ‘Gospel Plow’, traditional American Spiritual

Steve can play this in his sleep; this shot was taken just before he fell out of his chair. Didn’t stop playing though…

Remy Abeyta, ‘Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues’, Danny O’Keefe

Ken Frederick, ‘420?’, original

David Norby, ‘You Don’t Have to Cry’, Steven Stills (CSN)

David fighting bravely through the Pixie Dust affecting that side of the room.

Gary Krause, ‘Song Sung Blue’, Neil Diamond

Ed Heffern, ‘I’ll Never Find Another You’, the Seekers

Edith Cook and Russ Williams, ‘Autumn’, Alfonso Montes

‘Autumn’, well played by Edith and Russ

Justin Johnson, ‘Hey Ya/Heartless’, Andre 3000/Kanye West, arranged by Justin

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’, George Gershwin

Oh, we’re watching all right, you betcha.

Jeanie White, ‘Welcome to My World’, Ray Winkler

Keith, Rick, and Jeanie, ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’, Woodie Guthrie

One evening as the sun went down, Keith forgot the rest of the words.

Steve Gilmore, ‘Dorothy is Harlem Bound’, unknown

Remy Abeyta, ‘I Started a Joke’, the BeeGees

Remy making it look easy

Ken Frederick, ‘New Song (that) Needs More Practice, original/ author unknown…

Brady Lyles, ‘More Blues for You’s’, original

Earl Janack, ‘I Do It Because It Has To Be Done, Not Because You Don’t Do It’, original

Rich Ryan, ‘Time In a Bottle’, Jim Croce

Edith Cook, ‘Rondo, Frederic Noad

Also attending; Gary Gorny, Bill Bailey, Bob Fontaine, and Floyd Turner.

October 2019 meeting

The October meeting came up fast on the first. A baker’s dozen met in one of the lovely meeting rooms on the Plains Hotel mezzanine.

Skye with her bedazzled guitar. She is not this blurry in person…

Welcome to Skye Krahenbuhl and her highly decorated combat veteran (notice the Purple Bout), The Guitar. She just changed strings from clear to black and white to better match the decor of her six string. This girl can sing! and we all hope she’ll be joining us again soon.

Before the meeting, Skye was across the street at The Paramount, and was followed over by this Nashville resident, Effron White.

We’ve been EFFRON-ized!

Effron happened to be passing through town and decided to check us out. Effron played us a couple of his well crafted, engaging, original tunes. Let’s hope the weather held for him while he made his way to his next gig in Ogden. Happy trails, troubadour! And thanks for the guitar case sticker.

Steve gave us the skinny on the One World Prairie Music and Pie Flinging Contest , held at the library the end of September. Attendance was up and the competition was fierce. Our very own Mike Clark took 4th place in the Acoustic category, winning himself some season tickets for the Cheyenne Concert Association’s upcoming season.

Mike from two months ago. He has since grown his hair out like the rockstar he has become.

When Mike found out Tommy Emmanuel is slated for one of the shows, he was like a kid in a candy store. If memory serves, meeting Tommy is what started Mike playing in the first place. By the way, season tickets are only $60 for 4 shows; any ONE of the performances of the talented acts they have booked for this year is worth that alone!

Playlist October 2019

Keith Blaney started us out with Paul Simon’s ‘America’.

Russ Williams, ‘Barcarolle’, Frederic Chopin

Edith Cook, ‘Se Io M’accorgo’, by anonymous

Edith half way up the neck

Steve Gilmore, ‘Richmond’, by John Lowell

Ernie Brazzale, ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’, by George Gershwin

Earl Janack, ‘October’, by U2

Earl working his U-tune

David Norby, ‘Tell Me Why’, Lennon/McCartney

Skye Krahenbuhl, ‘Forgotten’, Katie Turner

Effron White, ‘My Heart Plays These Songs’, original

Keith Blaney, ‘Fifty Cents’, anonymous

Russ SANG one for us, always a treat. That’s Barb in the foreground, his voice coach.

Russ Williams, ‘What Will I Do?’, Irving Berlin

Effron White, ‘I Want It All’, original

Steve Gilmore, ‘Name of the Game is Stud’, Bill Peterson

Ernie and Bill sounding mighty fine together

Ernie Brazzale & Bill Bailey, ‘Hidden Blues’, Rick Dougherty

Earl Janack, ‘S2D2’, original. (read those 2’s as ‘squared’)

David Norby, ‘Oh Darling’, Lennon/McCartney

When you told me, you didn’t need me anymore

Skye Krahenbuhl, ‘Hotel California’, Eagles

also joining us were Barb Williams and Dr. Floyd Turner, who didn’t play this month.

The String Doctor hisself

September 2019 meeting

Today is Friday the 13th, and a beautiful day it is, too!  Bill contacted me yesterday, and said that his report of the September meeting was just a rough draft.  It was irresponsible to use (and post) it without correction.  So consider it gone!  Like they tell juries,  it is stricken from the record, so disregard what you read.  Perhaps a corrected version will be forwarded, at which time I will republish the September meeting notes.  I will leave the pictures and playlist for now, so feel free to skip this part if you want to get to the meat and potatoes of the meeting.

In the interim, I would like to bore you with my take on the newsletter.  It has been suggested that the newsletter should be considered a ‘historical document’, and contain only the facts.  As editor, I write the first portion of the newsletter as entertainment; I have never thought the truth should interfere with a good story.  If you read this ‘rag’, you know that to be so.

That said, the PLAYLIST, on the other hand, is as factual as possible.  Not all entries are legibly written.  When I remember at the meetings, I will fill those in with my own scribbles that I can later read.  I will also research who wrote the song if it wasn’t on the playlist.  So if you are interested in “just the facts, ma’am”,  start on the playlist.  Because let’s face it, that’s what really happens at the monthly meetings.  Events are listed elsewhere in the website.  That first bit is my cock-eyed interpretation of my cock-eyed observations, occasionally with a sprinkling of humor.  Skip it if it offends your sensibilities.


Here’s Marvin, no worse the wear from his equipment malfunction.
Remy makes his blue solid body Carvin with nylon strings sing…
Here’s the gear! The magical part of it is attached to that foot.
Earl the Intrepid
Gary whittled his dulcimer out of a single cottonwood log.
Chris’ lightening fast picking eludes high speed camera…

I’m Doctor Turner, and I approve of this tuning. $80 please.
Please share my umbrella.

Playlist for September 2019

Christine R. Cousins started the music off with ‘Gold Dust Woman’ by Stevie Nicks.

Ed Heffern, ‘Oh What a Beautiful Morning’, by Rogers & Hammerstein

Rich Ryan, ‘I’ll Be Back’, by Lennon & McCartney

Remy Abeyta, Los Ojus De Pancha, traditional

Earl Janack, ‘What You See…’, original

Marvin Frerich, ‘Jamaican Farewell’, traditional tune sung by Harry Belefonte?

David Norby, ‘Bus Stop’, the Hollies

Most of the dulcimer and parts of Gary, who was also carved from a single cottonwood log.

Gary Krause, ‘Nut Factory Shuffle’, by Gil Anderson

Christine R. Cousins, ‘Skipping Rocks’, original

Ed Heffern, ‘Wayfaring Stranger’, traditional

Rich Ryan, ‘Baby Blue’, by Bad Finger

Rich was behind the camera tonight. This is my stock ‘stink-eye’ photo of Mr. Ryan.

Remy Abeyta, ‘Begin the Beguine’, by Cole Porter

Earl Janack, ‘Dido dot dot dot’, original

David Norby, ‘Different Drum’, by Michael Nesmith

Gary Krause, ‘Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides’, original

Tenor ukelele, baritone Gary.

Christine R. Cousins, ‘Reese’s Rainbow’, original

Ed Heffern, ‘Wish You Were Along’, original

Ed Heffern, also an original

Rich Ryan, ‘Country Road’, by James Taylor

Remy Abeyta, ‘Soft Summer Breeze’, by Eddie Heywood

Earl Janack, ‘Amalgamated Conglomeration Inc.’ an original tune.

Marvin Frerich, ‘Where Have all the Flowers Gone’, by Pete Seeger

Christine R. Cousins, ‘Calm Before the Storm’, original

Slo-mo of Christine’s giant red taco pick

David Norby, ‘Good Time Charlie’, by Danny O’Keefe

Ed Heffern, ‘Times They Are A Changin’, by Bob Dylan

Rich Ryan, ‘Chicago’, by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Also attending tonight’s meeting; Steve Gilmore, Floyd Turner, Bob Fontaine, and Brian Andres. (spelling corrected by editor)